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Assistant District Attorney

Assistant District Attorney
Lady Liberty.
Few are those who haven't heard the name. As one of the first openly-working and popular heroes, she was the posterchild for American superheroes from the early 1960s until May 18th, 1985; a date which would live in infamy. Whilst saving Washington, D.C. from a smuggled nuclear device planted by a small terrorist group, Lady Liberty tragically lost her life as the device exploded in her hands just outside of Earth's atmosphere. The city itself mourned this loss and would go on to dedicate a memorial park to her life's work.

Nearly 40 years later, that memory barely lives on. The American public might remember such a tragedy, sure, but about as much as it remembers the JFK Assassination or Pearl Harbor - it's just history now. Even the infamous 9/11 Terrorist Attacks have been relegated as such and that involved a lot innocent lives lost. Sure, the entire city and majority of the U.S. government could have been wiped out on that rainy Saturday in 1985, but only one person actually died and they did it doing their job. One might compare it to an agent of the Secret Service having taken a bullet for the American President that day. Important, of course, but it's one person dying in their line of duty. Some lip service might be made in remembrance on the day every year, but mostly only in D.C. itself and even that had waned.

That didn't stop the conspiracy theorists, though. Many theories floated around regarding Lady Liberty. Everything from her true name and origin to the minute details of her last day. Oddly enough, the usual conspiracies regarding her having survived (like Elvis or Walt Disney) never really got much traction. The irony was something that a certain tired assistant district attorney in Pittsburgh lived with every day. The various kids' TV shows and horrible movies that had sprung up from time to time all the way back to the 60's only made it worse.

Ava Hunt, 30-something prosecutor, had very little visibly in common with Lady Liberty. Her hair was the wrong color. Her eyes too. The frame might be there if she didn't slouch constantly outside of a court room. That winning smile and bursting charisma? Nope. Looking at the constantly exhausted woman would draw scientifically-zero comparisons to the fallen heroine. So what was there, if anything?

Very little. Burning embers at best. More like a dead battery's negligible remaining charge. That's how Ava sees it at least. Her cells just refuse to give it all up, and so here she remains: the shadow of a shadow of her former glory.

Well, at least if you ask her, Ava will say that she's doing that's... that's something... right?

  • Super-strength and Super-Speed? - The days of picking up tanks with one hand and flinging them at some mad scientist's giant robot are long gone, as are the days of outrunning bullets. Ava might be able to pick up a truck with both hands, but that's a lot of stretching first and the effort is just...not there. Plus she wasn't 100% sure she'd be able to actually get it up-up. More like a few inches then setting it back down before she pulls something in her back. The speed? Her reinforced treadmill at home sometimes clocks her at 60mph, but that's going to be followed by a few days on the couch wondering why the fuck she ever thought that was a good idea. High 30s already has her breathing heavily these days. No more Faster than a Speeding Bullet!. More like Slightly Faster than a Bear! A fat bear. Like a really fat bear. Feel free to laugh. The humor helps mask the disappointment.

  • Increased Longevity - Her empowered cells, while extremely depleted, are quite hearty and seem to last a great deal longer than the average human's. It's the only reason the 70+ year-old woman looks to be in her mid-30s most days. A bit of actual makeup and late 20s might even be believable...well that and maybe attempting to walk with a tad bit more grace and energy.

  • Superhuman Durability - Well, one of the perks of retiring from superhero-ing is less people shooting at you which is great because bullets hurt now. Who knew? Ava's body might still be superhuman, but not by that much anymore. A baseball bat or crowbar might not break any bones, but it's still gonna leave a nasty bruise and maybe tear up some skin. Hell, Ava spent three weeks in the hospital once after getting hit by a car and breaking several bones in her arms, legs, and rib cage. Sure, it's amazing that she healed so quickly, but the concept of not being nigh-invulnerable is one Ava had to learn the hard way.

  • Superhuman Senses - Noticing someone's breathing pattern across the room isn't superhuman. Sure, noticing a coworker's heart palpitation might be, but the impressiveness falls away when the range is a couple of feet. Sight being a bit better than 20/20 also isn't particularly superhuman either. More in the range of exceedingly-uncommon. What? You expected seeing through walls and hearing a pin drop on the other side of the country? Well, how about you go take a nuclear superweapon to the face at point-blank range and see how you do?! Spoiler: it's not fucking great, bud.

Anyway, it's like I... I mean, like the woman... like Ava said:

there ain't much left in the tank...

so why is the damn car still running?

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