Audio Log- The Naming


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[div align="center"]*Recording Starts*[/div]

"This is Dr. Abraham Mueller, reciting a set of conversational logs concerning subject A-C-F one thousand three. The original name of this log has been lost due to the subject's increased control over documents pertaining to itself. Per recommendations from A-C-F twenty-one forty-two, the foundation has deemed the audio recording, the only reliable method of record keeping in relation to subject A-C-F one thousand three, necessary for these sets of tests and conversations.

"Date: January second, nineteen eighty-two. Dr. Isaac Holtzheim is the first researcher A-C-F one thousand three has spoken to since her acquisition date. Previous presumptions of her being mute or not understanding any known language have been redacted. Their first recorded conversation follows, beginning with Dr. Holtzheim introducing himself to the subject. This audio log is a combination of my own reading for context and the audio recordings from A-C-F one thousand three's in room microphones."

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"Good morning again, A-C-F one thousand three, are you having a pleasant day?"[/font]

It is stated that Dr. Holtzheim had been visiting the subject on a near-daily basis for three months.

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"..."[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"Quiet another day? That's alright, I thought today I'd show you-"[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"The shape- of your lips, movement of tongue, flex of jaw... I do not... I do not understand."[/font]

"Dr. Holtzheim is shocked for a moment, but quickly and professionally regains his composure. Observational guards immediately request additional interested parties to join them in the nearby observation booth. It is stated in this article that A-C-F one thousand three had not been spoken to in many months, as many researchers had consigned her existence to one of only continued containment."

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"I'm, uh, sorry? Can you tell me exactly what you do not understand?"[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"The shape, movement, and flexing, I do not understand. Explain, morning? Every wake, you say this."[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"Oh, well, 'morning' is a time of the day. Referring to the time that the sun rises. Sorry, I realize you haven't seen the sun rise since your containment, we're working on getting you some 'outside time' as it were. Does that help?"[/font]

ACF-1003:[font color="8682eb"] "Sun. Rise. Speak, make shape, movement, and flex! Not here- here! Make step with me."[/font]

"A-C-F one thousand three becomes very animated here, standing up out of her little chair and moving away from her desk. She goes and sits in a large beanbag chair in the corner of her living space and gestures for Dr. Holtzheim to follow her. He pulls his metal chair over and joins her, sitting down with clipboard in hand."

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"Explain!"[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"Ah, well, the sun is a solar body from which our world orbits. You see, as the earth turns-"[/font]

"The doctor uses his clipboard and pencil to illustrate, spending the next twenty minutes explaining the solar system, different planets, the rotation, and curvature of the earth. Sparing no details, he explained exactly how the sun 'rises' and sets every morning. Subject A-C-F one thousand three took particular interest in the moon and how its orbit affected the tides, prompting Dr. Holtzheim to speak on this subject for an additional twenty minutes. It is of note that Dr. Holtzheim is an astrophysicist. Once he has sufficiently explained, he attempts to ask a few foundation questions at the behest of his colleagues behind the one-way mirrors."

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"I think that covers as much as I can talk about without running out of time. Does that explain things for you?"[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"Fascinating alternative phenomena. Come again -tomorrow- I would see your steps again."[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim:[font color="ffdd56"] "Oh, I'm not going just yet, if that's alright. I'd like to ask you a few questions."[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"..."[/font]

"For a few long minutes, A-C-F one thousand three simply stares at Dr. Holtzheim. He does not leave, as it appeared she had not yet lost interest in him. However, her sudden return to silence and stillness in her 'chair' led many to presume she would not speak anymore. However, after a painstaking ten minutes of staring, A-C-F one thousand three replied to Dr. Holtzheim."

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"I allow this at my pleasure. Interjection- two decrees, if I demanded, begone, and if I demanded, return. And, if return is granted, bring tribute."[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim:[font color="ffdd56"] "I think I understand, ok. I'll bring you some nice things next time, and if you're done, we're done. Great! The Foundation wants to know-"[/font]

"The rest of this audio log from the in-room microphones has been destroyed as if utterly erased from our reality- if the computers are to be believed. Even A-C-F twenty-one forty-two cannot pull it back. Continuing, we know from corroborating logs that Dr. Holtzheim continued his visits with A-C-F one thousand three on a near daily basis. We also know from corroborated logs that the subject shared many details about herself with the Doctor, but nothing pertaining to her anomalous abilities outside of what we already knew. But we do know most of their conversations were about a world that was, at the time, believed to be a make-believe place that A-C-F one thousand three used as a coping device for her containment.

"After approximately eight months of conversations with the subject, the Foundation saw fit to reassign Dr. Holtzheim. The following is the next available, unaltered log that could be recovered. This one had been 'deleted' at least once or twice, but had been recovered by A-C-F twenty-one forty-two."

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"Good morning A-C-F one thousand three, how are-"[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"Tribute! Release unto me!"[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim:[font color="ffdd56"] "Yes yes haha, I've brought 'her majesty' tribute. Sorry, it's not much, just some new crayons for your drawings."[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"This is acceptable. Shall we flex and chatter more of the great spheres of this plane?"[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"Perhaps, but first, the foundation has decreed- erhm- declared that questioning you is no longer necessary. We can't exactly let you leave, and I'm sorry for that."[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"I am, decreed interesting no longer?"[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim:[font color="ffdd56"] "Afraid so, haha, at least to the Foundation. To me, you're just as interesting as always! But there's a possibility I'll be transferred away from you. I'm going to request more time with you, as I think you still have anomalous properties that bear investigating. However, if this is to be the last time we speak, I'd like it to be memorable."[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"Special tribute?"[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"Yes, I want to give you a gift that you can treasure, if you'll allow it. I'd like to give you a name."[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"... You would name me? You, name- me?!"[/font]

"A-C-F one thousand three begins to laugh at this, a horrible laugh that should not have come from any child. While Dr. Holtzheim seems unfazed, the guards in the observation booth reported having to leave the room for the sake of their own mental health. While it cannot be corroborated what Dr. Holtzheim physically did at this time, he stated that he knelt down in order to appease the subject's own sense of overinflated self-worth. His words were picked up by the room's microphones."

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"If you'll allow it."[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"Your groveling pleases me. Bestow your name, reject it, I shall."[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"I'd like to name you Ira. It means 'Watchful.'"[/font]

"Their conversation ends here, not from any corruption of data, but because A-C-F one thousand three stopped speaking after this. She did not speak again until Dr. Holtzheim returned approximately two years later. Having completed an investigation of another anomaly, Dr. Holtzheim was allowed a congenial site visit to L-14 to see A-C-F one thousand three. He expressed doubts when coming back that the subject would remember him, but upon entering her living quarters he found himself immediately embraced by A-C-F one thousand three."

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"Oh! Oh my, well, good morning, A-C-F-"[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"Ira. Please, Ira. I do not reject."[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"Heh, well, good morning Ira, how have you been?"[/font]

"Their conversations carry on for many hours through the subject's three meal times. Upon the arrival of containment protocol 'BEDTIME,' Dr. Holtzheim stood to leave the subject once more."

ACF-1003:[font color="8682eb"] "Your steps return tomorrow?" [/font]

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"No, sorry, Ira, I tried to get reassigned here, but I'm required to be elsewhere. But I'll come and visit as much as I can."[/font]

ACF-1003:[font color="8682eb"] "I, wish to give, a, gift, as your speech so defines."[/font]

Dr. Holtzheim: [font color="ffdd56"]"You have a gift for me?"[/font]

ACF-1003: [font color="8682eb"]"Yes, to you I bestow-"[/font]

"At this, A-C-F one thousand three whispers something into Dr. Holtzheim's ear. He laughs and nods, and while he records this interaction, he does not record what was said to him. The audio microphones in the room used to record their conversations also did not pick up her words. This was logged in the system for immediate reprimand and an interview on proper conduct with anomalous subjects. Dr. Holtzheim would never have this reprimand or interview, however. The next day, Dr. Isaac Holtzheim disappeared from the Foundation grounds. It would not be for three months that STLH-I-F would uncover the location of the missing Doctor.

"In a cabin in the woods, Dr. Holtzheim was living a quiet and secluded life. Upon being confronted by STLH-I-F, he became immediately hostile and open-fired on the members of the team. While less-than-lethal rounds were deployed in order to bring Dr. Holtzheim in alive, an unlucky shot made direct contact with the doctor's trachea, crushing it. He suffocated to death before medical personnel could be brought onto the scene. While his last words were recorded as [font color="ffdd56"]'All for you, dear Ira, all for you.'[/font] His death was recorded on June sixth, nineteen eighty-six, at eleven forty-seven PM.

"In the basement of the cabin, a ritualistic 'room' had been uncovered by STLF-I-F. A room, entirely covered floor to ceiling in the sunbleached bones of long-dead animals, an effigy of remains had been constructed. This is confirmed to be a much, much smaller replica of the same effigy recovered at [SITE REDACTED] after the events of the Breach, many years later. The effigy was properly recorded, then destroyed by STLH-I-F. While it was discovered that no animals had been slaughtered by Dr. Holtzheim in the cabin itself, it could not be confirmed that all of the bones were necessarily scavenged by the doctor.

"Further research into Dr. Holtzheim's background revealed a secret family he kept outside of the facility. A wife, Murial, and daughter, Ira, aged forty-two and, oh, eleven, respectively. Both his wife and daughter were victims of a tragic accident involving a drunk driver on December 24th, nineteen eighty-one. While the driver came away with minor injuries, his wife and daughter did not survive. He threw himself into his work after this, seeking to understand the 'seemingly immortal' anomaly of A-C-F one thousand three. This knowledge had been kept secret from the Foundation, otherwise he likely never would have been allowed to interact with A-C-F one thousand three.

"A final note, on June sixth, nineteen eighty-six, at exactly eleven forty-seven PM, subject A-C-F one thousand three would awaken from her slumber screaming. This is the only recorded time in which A-C-F one thousand three came out of her anomalous sleeping before the assigned wake-up time of seven AM. Her words were, uh, recorded as follows. Playing the tape."


"She is reported to have screamed and cried for the remainder of the night, completely inconsolable. Site L-14 staff, following basic 'THE SLEEPER' protocol, did not approach within fifteen meters of the outside of A-C-F one thousand three's chambers. This is, ah, the last and only time A-C-F one thousand and three had a 'good' relationship with Foundation staff. While she will speak in short, curt sentences to researchers, she does not carry on conversations or really reveal anything about herself anymore. This is the end of the audio logs, I'm going to go get a drink."


[End of file.]