Expo ATTN! Are You Fed Up?!


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Three men and a woman stand in front of a poster, pasted with superglue on an abandoned storefront. Nearly four feet long and two feet wide, it blasted a message in bold writing for all who passed by to see.
Another man passed by and, upon seeing the poster, did his best to tear it down. Two of the men reading it shouted at him, but nothing more, the woman and one man moved away together. However, as they continued, they saw more and more postered plastered about the city. Abandoned businesses, storefronts without people, and streets where people were afraid to walk outside.

A plane had disintegrated and fallen from the sky less than a year ago.
A flaming Valkyrie had materialized in the city.
Banks were being robbed en masse.
People were disappearing and bodies left in the street.
Mansions and apartment blocks alike were burning to the ground.

Are you fed up?