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Arlecchino possesses the ability to generate, retract, and manipulate a monofilament wire from his palms; the act of summoning the wire is not unlike a sleight-of-hand magician's act, appearing with a flourish of the hands and the seemingly incongruous noise of an unspooling reel. The wire is far from any mundane fishing line, piano wire, or other adjacent substitute-- it is fili d'argento, a filament that is nigh-invisible to the naked eye, save the bright shimmer of refracted light as if the wire were made from the air itself. The idiosyncratic properties of bending light and its spontaneous fabrication-- not unlike the phenomena of refracted light about a black hole-- are unique only to the fili d'argento that Arlecchino produces. It doesn't seem to be a biological substance, nor is it truly made of silver as the name would suggest; if anything, its existence falls under the realm of the supernatural.

The wire appears to have many applications for a man of Arlecchino's talents. In some instances, it is the perfect tight-rope to walk across; for others, the perfect garrote. Indeed, the only limits of its use appear to be the imagination of the summoner-- as well as the intrinsic limits of the wire itself. Single strands may only bear a few hundred pounds at a time before snapping; Arlecchino is able to dissolve these threads at will with a clap of his hands, at which point the wires seem to shatter like glass. When throwing out the end of a wire, the termination point appears to be sharp-- it is able to puncture and stick into surfaces as needed.

Additionally, Arlecchino himself seems to display minor feats of supernatural agility; his leaps are higher, his somersaults quicker, and he always seems to land on his feet-- and appears able to break his fall from far greater heights than the average man. While his strength is that of an unpowered individual, his acrobatic ability is that of a professional performer, as reflected in his principles of showmanship and flourish.

Arlecchino has little fluency in the English language and speaks mainly in Italian (and the minority language Sicilian). Additionally, his knowledge of firearms use is severely limited. Furthermore, he is an undocumented immigrant from the southern coast of Sicily; why he is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of all places, nobody quite knows.


Arlecchino possesses his signature outfit modeled after typical Carnevale di Venezia fashion, complete with a harlequin-esque patterned tunic, cape, and mask made of silver and rose gold. Similarly, he possesses five silver throwing knives, each decorated with appropriate filigree and numbered uno through cinque upon the handle. He has been known to tie his fili d'argento upon these knives for various usages, whether it be a more secure anchoring point, or a retrievable throwing knife.

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