Approved Andras, The Marquis of Death

• Name
Andras "The Marquis of Death" Vassar

• Profession
Self Proclaimed King of the Galactic Underworld

• Age (exact or approximate)
The tales say he's immortal, his rap sheet says 26

• Appearance

• Force Sensitive? If trained, list best abilities
Best abilities: Telekinesis, Choke

• Equipment
A sum of credits to hire a crew, and a few supplies, but not really much
Holoprojector Comm
Sith Holocron
A flat and
Astromech - T7-69
Matte Black XS stock light freighter

• Weapons, armor, gadgets
Medium Armor
2 Vibroknives
8 throwable knives
Dual DG-34 Peacemaker Blaster Pistols with carved ivory grips
Adept in Echani and Teräs Käsi martial art

• Brief character bio
Andras Vassar, born to a family whose wealth has and will span for many centuries. This generational wealth and family business began when colonists first left Coruscant to settle new worlds, and needed certain "vitamin supplements". For many years, the Vassar family supplied these "vitamin supplements" to all worlds that werent Coruscant. Their operation expanded and became one of the largest crime syndicates.

Once the "vitamin supplements"...

You know what? I'm just gonna call it what is.

Once the drugs became illegal, the family just hid them amongst legal cargo doubling their income. This switch meant, if anyone wanted some thing transported to another planet, legal, or not legal. The Vassar family business were the ones you contacted. Having the early start on others, the Vassars maintained a monopoly on the Transportation industry. Of course, being willing to and having the ability to threaten competitors and purchase their companies helps to maintain this monopoly.

Fast forward centuries to the present time. The Republic had learned of this tangled web of a crime syndicate, of course this problem didn't occur until Andras' weak willed father took over the family. Now, the family operations were struggling and the war wasn't helping either. Between warehouse and drug lab raids from the republic and transport ships getting attacked by the Sith Empire, it was hard to conduct business. Andras was angry with his Father's poor leadership. Andras knew of the past glory and the power of the Vassar family. Not that it had truly diminished much in the eyes of others, it's current status paled in comparison to the eyes of Andras.

Andras' hatred of his father stemmed from the abuse his father dealt to him and his mother. Once his grandfather died, and Andras' father took over, something snapped in his father. He became abusive.

Andras didn't hate his entire family though, he treasured his mother and looked up to his grandfather. His mother, the light of his world, helped keep him anchored and his hatred for his father in check. She provided him a place of safety to vent and release emotion. His grandfather, a great leader and man, according to Andras, was his mentor. He taught Andras how to lead and conduct business. The kindness his grandfather provided him vanished when Andras was 10. The death of his grandfather allowed Andras' father to ascend to the throne.

On the day Andras was to turn 16, he succummed to his hatred and decided that he was going to kill his father and take control of the business. However, the Republic had a different idea. A raid was conducted on the family estate. The Republic officers blew down their doors and a gun fight erupted between Republic Officers and Vassar thugs. Andras ran from the house with his mother and a few personal items in tow. His father and his protection detail fought the police and were shot or arrested by the Republic. Andras and his mother reached the property line when she cried out in pain and fell to the ground. Dead. An elite police sniper had killed his mother. The remainder of this elite squad opened fire on Andras. He drew his blasters firing in a blind rage. Obviously he was missing, but the sniper wasn't and shot Andras in the shoulder to disable him. Andras dragged himself back up and ran from the elite squad now in pursuit. Only by launching himself off of a cliff and into the water below was Andras able to break off the squads pursuit.

After the raid, all personal and business properties were seized, and all assets were frozen by the Republic. With his mother and entire life gone, Andras devoted his life and revenge to disrupting and destroying the Republic. By recreating the vast wealth his family once had, would make this goal significantly easier.
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