Approved Alissa Lark

Character Sheet Template:
  • Name: Alissa Lark
  • Alias NA (for now)
  • Age: 24
  • Appearance: piccrew below. Alissa is approximately 5'2.

Scent Profile- Alissa smells like Cajun seasoning and Iron

  • Powers (if any)- Alissa is a Magnetist and can control/ manipulate all ferrous/ magnetic metal. She can also sense/ feel where metal exists in a 50ft range
    • How strong their powers are- Alissa can manage to control metal up too 200 IBS
    • If the powers have an area of effect, what is the max area?- range of 100 ft
    • How/when they got their powers: Born with them
  • Equipment
    • A chain belt made of iron
  • Brief character bio
Alissa Lark grew up and was raised in a small Creole family in New Orleans. She graduated high school and had plans to open up her own restaurant. She had a talent with metal, and when focused enough, could make small bits of metal summon to her. Nothing powerful, or fancy. Most who knew her didn't even consider her a fully fledged Meta. Her local high school sweetheart, Alexandre, proposed and they moved in together in Venice Louisiana, away from Alissa's family. Things turned sour fast and he began to become controlling and abusive. As the year passed on, it got worse and worse until one night Alex nearly killed her, and in self-defense he powers manifested completely, until three kitchen knives were in Alex's back.

Alissa called the police, but a meta superhero responded first, immediately assuming, due to the knives positioning, it hadn't been in self-defense. The superheroes testimony at trial, and an incompetent defense lawyer, landed Alissa in prison for five years.

Now, once again a free woman, Alissa has moved to Pittsburgh to be with her brother Dale, who runs a small cajun cafe. Angry and embittered at vigilantes and metas, and the power they weild against normal peoples lives. What course of action she'll take, is yet to be decided.

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