Approved Agent Angelica Prosper

Personnel File:Agent Angelica Prosper

Name: Agent Angelica Prosper

Rank: A-Class-D

Locations: L-14

Age: 35 y/o.

Hair color: Red (unnatural)

Eye color: Brown

Height: 1.77 meters

Weight: 69 Kg

Hobbies: PvP video games, reading Science Fiction novels and comparing them to her job, going to the shooting range, and learning new languages.

Foundation History
Angelica was recruited in 2016 after ten years of service as an active member of the United States Army. While much of what she did was classified, she has been on two five-year tours in the Middle East. She was recruited due to a close call with ACF-[REDACTED], in which she assisted the STRH team in containing. She was immediately curious, and reportedly told the Welcoming Committee, “I need a little wonder in my life these days.”

While she was nominated for early Class-D promotions twice for outstanding performance, Angelica informed location management that she didn’t feel she was ready to take on the responsibilities. After the 2018 breach, Angelica took over the front desk at location 14, on what was meant to be a short-term assignment. However, Angelica proved to be exceptional at personnel management and was efficient in the position. She was given an A-Class-D promotion, much to her chagrin, and was placed on a long-term assignment as the l-14 coordinator, personnel manager, and front desk.

[End of file.]
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