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ACF Timeline: So far this includes only threads, not major events. All listings will be links once content is transferred over.

??? - Field Work

1982/1986- “The Naming”
1989/1996- Dolorous
1993- Only a Lad
6/21/1999- ACF-3473 (Appendix C) Conversations and Sightings
2007- Who Are You, Really?
2009- A Child First
8/11/18- Adjusting Central Faculty
6/22/20- Agency
12/22/20- Transportation Escort
03/07/21- Migration Paths
7/15/22- Bones and All
10/14/22- Where They Walk
2/26/23- Frozen
5/24/23- Asset Control Failure
5/25/23- Field Conduct Appraisal
5/x/23- ACF Report: 1325, “A Quiet Place”
6/7/23- Interview: Venus Votticelli-Smith; Don’t Therapy Me, I’m Scared
6/10/23- ABCs // Sweet Teeth; Anomalously Dangerous Encounter
6/11/23- Careful Condolences
6/x/2023- Playdate // Synergy Study
6/17/23- Another Cycle Finished
6/x/23- All The World’s a Stage
6/29/23- Welcome to the Lab; The Hand Strikes IX
7/x/23- Koken
7/x/23- Failed Assassination Attempt #725
7/x/23- Word to the Why
7/x/23- A Brief Conversation // Mountains // A Good Which or a Bad Which
7/x/23- The Heart of it All
7/x/23- Debriefs and Cows
7/x/23- Anchor, Cornerstone, Foundation
7/15/23- Experiment #127
7/20/23- It’s a Wonderball World
7/25/23- Anomalous Reaction
7/28/23- Making New Friends // As the Gloom Smiles Wide
8/1/23- She Had to Learn It Herself // Just Another Tuesday // Professional Enquiry
8/x/23- Someone Authorized This?
8/4/23- Mandatory Vacation Day; Do You Mind?
8/5/23- Sometimes, Normal Things Happen
8/6/23- Godlings’ Day Out; A Meeting of Godlings; Absent Faith
8/7/23- The Drawing on the Wall; Atermoiements
8/8/23- Can We Talk?; Conversations on Godhood
8/9/23- What Has It Got In Its Pocketses? // Orbit
8/10/23- There’s Life Underground
8/11/23- A Scheduled Diversion
8/x/23- A Question, Questions, and Answers
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