Approved ACF-6842 "Wisper"

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Name: William Archer

Anomalous Designation: ACF-6842 "Wisper"[1]

Rank: Anomaly

Locations: L-14

Age: 19 y/o., D.O.B. listed as 2/29/2004

Hair color: Blond[2]

Eye color: Black[3]

Height: 1.69 m[4]

Weight: 76 kg[5]

Hobbies: Playing guitar, reading, antagonizing Foundation personnel[6]

[div align="center"][div style="font-size:14px;color:#A0522D;"]Anomaly Information[/div][/div]

Designation: ACF-6842

Date of Acquisition: June 23, 2020

Rating: Low-level "Risky." ACF-6842's anomalous abilities have the ability to cause great harm to Foundation personnel. However, due to ACF-6842's mischievous rather than malicious nature, he holds a low-level Risky classification, under the conditions of careful observation and weekly reports sent to SV-3 "Jupiter". Caution is advised when interacting with ACF-6842, and ACF-999 is to be employed in all instances of testing, except with written approval from SV-3 "Jupiter".

Anomalous Ability: "Smoke Composition" - ACF-6842's form is composed entirely of a smoke-like substance similar in chemical composition to wood smoke[7]. This substance allows ACF-6842 to change his form at will. This includes granular details, such as hair length and eye color, as well as much larger aspects of his form, such as height, number of legs, and musculature. However, ACF-6842 has also exhibited the ability to change his form from humanoid to what can only be described as monstrous. These forms have included weaponized features, including claws, teeth, and stingers. A full list of forms and their descriptions taken by ACF-6842 are available upon request to R-Class-C personnel and above. ACF-6842 can also seemingly dissipate his form, instead returning to pure smoke. In this form, ACF-6842 is able to move through the air at will and can pass through spaces where smoke would be able to fit.

Similarly, ACF-6842 can create objects out of this smoke, appearing within a range of 1 meter. These objects can vary in size, but lack complexity. If ACF-6842 does not understand how an object works, he cannot accurately reproduce it. This extends to anomalous objects as well. When asked to reproduce Household-level anomalous objects, ACF-6842 was only able to produce non-anomalous equivalents. There are some objects, however, that are able to function despite ACF-6842 claiming not to know the underlying systems. In his own words, "they just [EXPLETIVE]ing work".[See Addendum 1]

ACF-6842 also is seemingly impervious to damage. Wounds inflicted on him result in a smoky substance leaking out before the wound eventually sees. ACF-6842 claims not to feel pain from these wounds, but has expressed that he must purposefully modify his form to seal the wounds. It seems the severity of the wounds also limits the amount of self-modification and creation he can perform, as it draws from the reserve of the substance that composes ACF-6842's form.

[div align="center"][div style="font-size:14px;color:#A0522D;"]Containment Measures[/div][/div]
ACF-6842 is to be contained at Site L-14 within a modified version of the standard anohuman containment unit. The modifications in question allow CU-14-6842 to be completely airtight, preventing ACF-6842 from breaching containment. CU-14-6842 is accessible by means of an airlock, along with a 1m x 1m x 5cm pane of reinforced glass. Should significant pressure be applied to the glass, metal shutters descend to protect ACF personnel and prevent ACF-6842 from breaching. The room has been soundproofed after a request from ACF-6842[8], and communication is accessible through specific interfaces.

In instances where ACF-6842 leaves CU-14-6842, personnel are authorized to use several instances of ACF-999[9] to keep ACF-6842 contained.

[div align="center"][div style="font-size:14px;color:#A0522D;"]Foundation History[/div][/div]
In June 2020, Foundation personnel located in [REDACTED] received reports from several scared teenagers of a monstrous creature roaming the woods near site L-[REDACTED]. Descriptions varied. Some described an emaciated figure with a deer's skull and antlers for a head, clawed hands dragging itself towards them. Others described a scaled serpentlike creature that moved between the trees like water. All reports included the same instance of a deep cackling echoing through the forest, along with a sense that the creature was toying with them.

A-Class-B personnel were dispatched to investigate the reports, and returned from the expedition unharmed, but severely shaken, with one security personnel requesting new armor due to [REDACTED]. All personnel confirmed the sense of toying and the malicious laughter, and seemed to feel there was a form of sentience within the creature. FCRT-[REDACTED] "Hell's Angles" was dispatched to initiate contact with the anomaly. Upon finding Hell's Angles unshaken, the monster changed form, revealing itself to be a 16 year old male by the name of William Archer[10]. William willingly entered Foundation custody, and has been designated ACF-6842 since. Reasons for his willing containment have been speculated upon, but have been expanded upon in sessions with [DATA EXPUNGED]

[div align="center"][div style="font-size:14px;color:#A0522D;"]Footnotes[/div][/div]
[1] Designated nickname given by SV-3 "Jupiter"
[2] Due to ACF-6842's nature as a shapeshifter, this information is consistent with the form he inhabits most often and regularly returns to
[3] See [2]
[4] See [2]
[5] See [2]
[6] There are rumors amongst personnel that it is a rite of passage to assign interns to ACF-6842 temporarily to test their mettle. These rumors are unfounded -L-14 Management
[7] Despite the chemical composition being similar to woodsmoke, personnel report the smell differing based on whatever the individual finds pleasant.
[8] Request approved by SV-3 "Jupiter"
[9] Approved instances include ACF-999-A, ACF-999-C, ACF-999-D, ACF-999-F, ACF-999-G, ACF-999-H, and ACF-999-I. ACF-999-F is the most restrictive and is preferred for most situations.
[10] There are no records of a William Archer with a birth date or information matching that given by ACF-6842

{ + Addendum 1}While ACF-6842 is not able to recreate anomalous objects or functioning objects he does not understand, there is one exception. ACF-6842 can create anomalously functioning objects so long as they are musical in some way. Noted examples include: an electric guitar that can function despite the absence of an amplifier, headphones that play music without being connected to any device, and speakers that can do the same. It is theorized that the internal machinations of these devices are replaced instead by ACF-6842's deep interest in music. Further testing is needed, but if willing this could allow ACF-6842 to serve as emergency containment measures for several anomalies that are averse to loud noise.