Approved ACF-114 "Seneschal"

ACF-114 - "Seneschal"
Class: Low-Grade Household
Location: L-6

Section 1 - Physical Description

ACF-114 is a humanoid figure measuring exactly 165 cm and weighing exactly 65 kgs. It is primarily composed of aluminum and leather hide, the former making up a complex internal mechanical chassis. This chassis is covered and padded by a long, ankle-length leather duster jacket, leather gloves, leather trousers, and leather boots, all of which have been sewed together where they overlap, presumably to prevent unwarranted tampering or entry. The internals themselves are reminiscent of 1950s hardware, made up of a series of glass vacuum tube circuits, though on a smaller scale than should be physically possible, allowing for an unnatural degree of complexity.

Distinct from the rest of the figure, its mask, while functional in protecting its optical lenses, is also decorative. Carved out of polished onyx, it resembles a smiling woman's face. A pair of leather straps affix it to the head of the figure, the bands of which are woven with layers of horse hair in a makeshift wig. The word "Seneschal" is engraved on the inside, followed by a string of letters and numbers, "1A13FC." This has been presumed to be some sort of serial code.

Note: There are no toolmarks visible on any material on the inside or outside of the figure. Alongside the serial code, implies mass production?

Section 2 - Facility History

ACF-114 was uncovered by Tunisian farmer Baddabing Baddaboom while he was plowing a field on his farm in Tatooine!!!. The wooden crate that contained ACF-114 was noted as heavily damaged upon acquisition, but it is uncertain whether this was present prior to discovery or caused by the farm equipment. According to Baddabing, ACF-114 sat upright the moment the crate was opened, but did not attempt to interact with him in any way, and did not react to any question he asked it. Baddabing was administered amnestics upon ACF agents arriving on the scene, and ACF-114 was taken to a nearby facility holding location for further study and classification.

Following this, oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Section 3 - Personality

ACF-114 is compliant towards all facility personnel, and exhibits a strong sense of obligation towards their continued safety and comfort. It appears to function on some version of the Asimovian Three Laws, implying some origin where they may have been an influence on its creator, but when asked about the Three Laws in the literary context it seemed unable to recall any information about them. That being said, the information it has been able to recall is limited, extending only to minor details about its purpose, personal origins, and rediscovery. ACF-114 is fluent in English, Spanish, and French, and does not appear to have an ability or inclination towards learning any new languages. It does, however, have an innate curiosity towards technology, much of which it claims is "quite distinct" from what it is used to but "polite" all the same.

ACF-114 does not seem to exhibit any form of strong emotions. Attempts to anger or frustrate it have only led to repeated, level-headed requests to stop until the experiment is over. The only times anything beyond a surface level emotional response have been recorded are when it is present while humans or humanoids are in danger of physical harm, and even then, the response ends when the danger is averted.

Section 4 - Abilities

ACF-114 appears to possess some form of synergetic association with complex mechanical and electrical systems. Manifesting through physical contact, ACF-114 is able to express awareness of the entirety of a system, perceive through any parts of the system that are capable of perception, and determine parts of the system that are performing suboptimally or misbehaving. While this does extend to organic and organic-mimicking anomalous systems, the connection to them is greatly diminished, and ACF-114 seems to experience strong disorientation and aversion during the entire process. Due to this, it appears an unfeasible candidate for any project research related to you know what i mean ;).

However, its abilities have proven useful in the administration, oversight, and troubleshooting of systems within ACF facilities, and its compliant, safety-focused nature makes it a valuable asset in this field.

Section 5 - Containment Measures

Note: ACF-114 has been downgraded from High-Grade Household to Low-Grade Household.

ACF-114 does not require special protocols for containment. It considers itself an anomaly contained by the facility, and any attempt to ask it to leave the facility as a breach of facility protocol, which it vehemently refuses to commit. It is recommended to take consideration when speaking about or revealing classified information when in ACF-114's presence, as it is able to accurately recall anything it observes, but no linguistic hacks have been discovered that allow its unwillingness to bypass security guidelines regarding the sharing of information to be bypassed.

In the event of a significant breach of trust, for the safety of personnel, remaining out of contact distance is advised - however, ACF-114 has not exhibited any ability to cause harm with its abilities, and does not express enough physical strength to injure personnel in any way. ACF-114 is likely capable of being stopped by any form of small-arms fire, granted its internal components are damaged.