Approved A0I-X2

A0I-X2 “Aoi”

Arms Dealer

36 standard years from date of manufacture

A heavy semi-automatic blaster rifle
A light blaster pistol, better for concealing than stopping power

A Light Freighter
It has been modified with better shields and secondary compartments for less than legal weapon acquisitions. It has one swivel mounted turret.

Weapons, largely of Mandalorian design with some scattered pieces of Republican or Sith make. Cargo changes often so be sure to check back to find something you might like.
At least one lightsaber, silver crystal, not for sale.

There weren’t signs that the day was going to end in disaster, but how often were there warnings for such things? Well, none of it was a disaster or Aoi really, all things considered. The shop was nice, clean, she kept it clean, but there were only so many who passed through the little space port in need of her services. When she was younger, and hadn’t had time to think things through she had been fine with this state of affairs, but there came a time when she realized how limited it was.

The sky was full of stars, and it was a shame really that she couldn’t also be there, giving weapons to the people. There was a freighter in the shipyard that similarly wasn’t existing to its potential. Day in and day out it sat there, waiting to be used. What use was a ship that didn’t fly and a droid that didn’t sell guns?

The day began normally, she opened the shop and tidied the supplies, while waiting for her owner to arrive. That was how everyday went, and this one was the same. It was late afternoon when an early shipment of rifles and cartridges arrived that things took a strange turn. Aoi stepped into the back to unload them, then never returned.

See, the shipment wasn’t early, it was one she had ordered on her own. It’s arrival was the signal to begin her plan. Unloading would take time, which meant that the owner wouldn’t notice immediately that she was missing. Time enough for her to get to the spaceport and sneak into the cockpit of a freighter that had been waiting for something to fill its pilot’s seat for many years.

The port’s alarms from the unscheduled liftoff was the first warning that something had gone wrong, and by then it was too late to stop the ship cutting through the clouds.

Aoi is a humanoid bipedal model, with a light gently curved chest piece and torso tapering down to thin legs. The gray metal of her body had at one point been painted over with white paint, though that is chipping now, and delicate lines of blue and red paint have recently been added to her chest in a swirling fractal pattern, for a touch of decoration.