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It has been fifty years since the last great war.

Not that peace has been all but ensured - to the west, the Dustradi test the long-held treaty, sending skirmishers and spies through the Shear to harass the stalwart settlements on Alren's borders. To the north, the Bleakwood stirs, with monsters spawned from its foul heart seen as far south as the Brier. And in Alren itself - well. Peace is not for all. Profits were made, the last time Dustrad and Alren clashed, and it has been long enough since then that the family coffers have once more begun to run dry. Many yearn for days of glory, days of wealth, days of power - days when great Alren stood united against a common foe, and showed its magic and military might to all who might dare to contest it.

But - that's not what's on your mind, is it?

No, I'd think you'd be much more focused on being hanged. I forgot to mention that, didn't I? With the stirrings of danger and the fear of war, the strong arm of the law has come down fierce across the kingdom, and you were unfortunate enough to be caught beneath it. Maybe you were at the wrong time at the wrong place. Perhaps you were framed. You could have simply been found too close to the Shear, and thought to be a Dustradi spy - or maybe you are one. Unrepentant murderer, impoverished thief, con who pushed their luck a little too far -

Whatever the case, you ended up at a Firebrand camp north of the river Brier, locked in a prison cart, set to be executed come morning. They need time to build the gallows, after all.


Hello! I wanted to try something new with this. This is going to be a play-by-post DnD 5e campaign. This is a bit of an interest check - let me know if you'd want to join. I'm looking for a maximum of four players.
Yup! Intend to be just a straight RAW 5e campaign, using Discord for rolls and posting battlemaps in posts
This will single-handedly make me active on RPF once again if this happens LOL. Count me in if you've still got space! :D