[font color="#04070C"]STARRING:[/font] Booker.

[font color="#04070C"]SCORE:[/font] [newclass=.Score];font-family:VT323;font-size:0.6vw;color:#FFFFEC;display:inline;[/newclass][newclass=.Score a]color:#FFFFEC;font-family:Radley;font-size:0.75vw;text-decoration:underline;[/newclass][newclass=.Score a:hover]color:#f3c560;[/newclass][newclass=.Score a:active]color:#f3c560;[/newclass][div][attr="class",Score][url href="[MEDIA=youtube]2RfQEgUmb2U[/MEDIA]"]Spiralia[/url]

[font color="#04070C"]SCENE:[/font] Still Creek, DE.
The worn copper bell in the upper corner of a peeling off-white doorframe rung. A man walked into the cramped reception room of Still Creek's motel with a military surplus duffel bag that fell next to his foot. He stopped at the clerk's table, it looked to be built out of old oak wood. Dried, the oils had evaporated from the wood some years ago. The man's facial features were sharp if perhaps a bit gaunt, with eyes hidden behind these yellow-tinted aviators and his jackal head rested atop a thick neck that made it hard to tell where his jaw began when looking directly from the front. Between the scruffy blonde hairs on his face something moved.

"I'd like to rent out two rooms.", Booker said to the clerk, simultaneously producing a wad of cash that landed on the dry desk with audible weight. Then he briefly glanced out the window to his left to decide on a favourable position, "In the elbow of this here buildin', on the second floor."

He didn't speak afterwards, instead thumbing through the old brochure's on the table. It actually surprised him how few there were.

"One more thang...", Wyatt rubbed the belly of his thumb and index finger against each other. "Where do y'all git tagether for mass 'round these parts?"
[div][attr="style","grid-area:Left;"][img style="margin:auto;" src="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/398572002484551720/824033609525624892/S.H.I.E.L.D._logo_NEW.png"]
[div][attr="style","grid-area:Right;font-family:Quantico;"][div"font-size:1.8vw;"]C.O.N.T.R.O.L. DOSSIER
SUBJECT: "Goodnight"
[div][attr="style","display:grid;grid-template-columns: 1fr 1fr 1.2fr;grid-template-areas:'Left Middle Right';grid-gap:1vw;"]




Goodnight; Postulio Black; AHAB-06

M ♂
6'2''/ 175 lbs

Academy of Operations Graduate
Clandestine Operations

Operations Division

[font color="00ff47"]ACTIVE[/font]
Level 7[/div][div][attr="style","grid-area:Right;padding:0.2vw;"][img src="[URL]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/398572002484551720/834004880824991744/RCO021_1477983130.png[/URL]" style="margin:auto;float:right;"][/div][/div]

Häyhä_coef._: 0.98
psych_Eval_: Cleared. / phys_Eval_: Cleared.
neuromod_: STABLE / geneload_: NOMINAL
"Operator Goodnight is one of C*O*N*T*R*O*L's top field-agents and one of the youngest strategists on record. Director ████████ evaluated his abilities with the highest marks since Operator █████████, prior to the introduction to neuro-mod technology into the field doctrine."

"Fluent in 12 languages, including English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. Also understands human sign language and Esperanto."

"After exposure to neuro-mod requalification, Goodnight's skillset has been added upon with the accumulated expertise of previous AHAB-type operatives. These acquired skills expand his previous capacity for CQC, marksmanship and espionage with lifetimes worth of experience. Additionally, Goodnight's combatives incorporate archived fighting styles of the 15 greatest contemporary martial artists and further with the approximation of para-combatives (further reading: [SUBJECT:Akinjide], [SUBJECT:Curaré], [SUBJECT:Owler])."

"Operator Goodnight is a recipient of extensive, low-yield zootonotic gene therapy intended to further augment his innate physical capabilities. Specifically, the treatment targeted vestibular/somatosensory systems, the reflex arc structure and the greater immune system. Compared to the Aristotle template, Goodnight's baseline is nowhere near the super-human levels of GEN-V's recorded metrics."

"In direct response to the assassination of a high-ranking CIA officer at the height of the Cold War by a SERAYA SLAVA agent, the primary olfactory cortex area of Goodnight's brain has been expanded to actively transduce meta-human traits and mechanisms. Admittedly, the efficacy is highest with electrogenetic individuals."

"Operator Goodnight is onboarded with a subordinate slave personality that provides back-end intelligence activity. Goodnight is capable of delegating any number of bodily functions to this slave-mind in order to enter a perfect flow state at any given moment."

"Operator Goodnight is sterile."

"Operator Goodnight is physically unable to rank any concept above his own competence."

"Operator Goodnight is weaponized with paracausal mesmerism. Offensively, he's capable of cast off Concept Chaff — a suggestive attack that actively disorganizes the target's thought process — induce a narcoleptic episode or tamper with memories over a period of time. Unlike conventional hypnotism, Goodnight's ability relies on 'reality saturation' rather than the psychic emanations of an actual psychic. This mechanism allows Goodnight to baffle both organic and computerized imaging."


[img src="[URL]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/398572002484551720/810851819470192660/RCO049_1494242727.jpg[/URL]" alt=" "][googlefonts="Kumar One:400"][googlefonts="Limelight:400"]
[div style="color:white;font-family:Limelight;font-size:0.8vw;letter-spacing:0.45vw;padding:0.2vw;"]DISTRICT OF MILLENNIUM CITY
[googlefonts="Josefin Sans:400"]
The South District of Millennium city is the least prosperous. Falling under major poverty and crime in last couple of decades. It has earned the name “The district of no tomorrow” for such conditions. Although its real name comes from its original Germanic settlers. It is one of the only two districts in all of Millennium which has kept its original name since its conception. Their colony lasted until the British army settled and took hold of the rest of Millennium.

Since then, Duskbürg has been an area of turbulence. The Irish Famine brought about an influx of Irish Immigration, resulting in conflict between the natives and the Irish immigrants. These two groups would form the first gangs the city had seen. They would be known as the Red Stripes and the Black Boards. Their constant power struggle over the neighborhoods resulted in the creation of the Duskbürg Police Department.

This district became prosperous during the World War 2 era by holding the majority of the factories inside the city. The economic boom that was heard throughout the country seemed to have been especially loud in Duskbürg. With economic opportunity, men started bringing their families into the district and with them also came new small businesses. Some of these businesses remain open today, while most have been crushed by the oppressive nature of the district.

The era of prosperity did not last long. It was brought to an end by two distinct factors:

[ol type="decimal"][li][font color="eaac8b"]METAHUMAN CRIME[/font] - The gangs that were in Duskbürg before the economic boom never left the district. The only difference is that they evolved or splintered off into metahuman gangs. The rising presence of metahuman crime caused great concern in the eyes of the public. These rising tensions eventually lead to rioting in the district, causing a lot of the middle or upper class citizens to move away during the ‘60s and ‘70s.[/li][li][font color="eaac8b"]OUTSOURCING[/font] - The decline of Duskbürg was accelerated by corporations. The unstable nature of the district along with cheaper alternatives resulted in Duskbürg being one of the first cities in America to be a victim of macro-outsourcing.[/li][/ol]
The majority of the factories that were previously used as legitimate business operations have been transformed into shady criminal dwellings. Some of these factories have been turned into sweatshops, opting to use illegal immigrants and human trafficking for cheap labor. Some of these factories have been repurposed as night clubs for youths looking for cheap thrills. These clubs are known to be epicenters for heavy drug use and are typically owned by members of different criminal organizations.

In the 1970s, they say that a curse was cast by Count Zazarack over this entire district, making this part of the city be cursed with an eternal night. Taking the district’s infamous slogan “It’s always night in Duskbürg” to an extreme level. It was also during period of chaos and adjustment when rumors of a clandestine criminal compact known as The Trust began to spread, though its existence remained unconfirmed for a long time. It is known that all the major crime families rely on The Trust to continue prospering in peace.

Despite all its shortcomings, the increase in crime within the district keeps attracting the attention of many masked vigilantes and super-criminals. Many are born out of Duskbürg's harsh situation, while others simply find opportunity in such an environment. This has resulted in a power struggle between vigilantes, police officers, and criminals. Being a 'Southie' is rough. Oftentimes, these three classes collaborate with one another, especially police officers and criminals. Regardless of said struggle, the criminals are winning and they have been for years much to the disdain of everyone.

Crime has seeped into the deepest recesses of the city. Demand drives supply and the people of Duskbürg are demanding. The flexibility and resourcefulness of these criminal organizations can be attributed to their identity rooted in traditions set before them. Some of these gang members trace their lineage back to the original Red Stripes and Black Boards and take pride in it.

Most “legitimate shops” are just money laundering fronts for the criminal organizations. Mom and pop shops, movie theaters, fetish shops and anything in between. They either launder money or pay the crime families for protection.

People traffic weapons into the city and sell them out of their legitimate businesses as side operations. Most of these weapons are stolen from actual gun stores or imported through the Docks. The serial numbers are usually taken off by the vendors themselves. The average Glock goes for about $300 in the black market compared to $500. Buyers range from criminals with intent of using it for illegal activities to families for self protection.

The average hit for about $10,000 from a trained professional and up depending on the importance and/or danger of said target. Metahuman targets average about $15,000. Masks with reputations can range from anywhere to $200,000 to millions of dollars.

Human slaves sell for about $1500 each.

Police corruption used to be as severe as it got until 8th December 2019. The eve of that day saw the department butchered in what has been described as a bizarre satanistic ritual. City council has immediately elected Iraq veteran and former Precinct 7 sergeant, Sylvester Cohen as a replacement for the late commissioner Parsley. Due to Cohen's extensive vetting system and background checks, corruption within the force has gone down drastically within Duskbürg's 13th Precinct, though it has not been eradicated entirely. The new commissioner is fighting a war on two fronts.

The only true 'honest alternative' in the last few years has been Monarch Solutions. The multibillion-dollar multinational corporation founded and helmed by Edgar Dover has returned to Duskbürg after almost 50 years and began buying off property damaged in superpowered brawls as well as seizing decomissioned industrial plants at an astounding rate. This move poured some fresh blood into Duskbürg's drying arteries as evident by the creation of over 2000 new work positions.

The districts architecture takes its roots in a marriage between Gothic Revival and Art Deco. Most of the Gothic Revival buildings tend to trace their age back to the early days of Millennium City. Duskbürg being the main Germanic colony of the time. The city is riddled with gargoyles. The most notable building of Germanic ancestry being Sternako Cathedral, which was built in 1883 and is considered to be one of the city’s main tourist attractions despite being unfinished. Though sermons are still held every Sunday, it has long been rumored that the Cathedral is haunted by demons.

[font color="eaac8b"]Downtown Millennium[/font] (also referred to as the Dusk Heights)
"Characterized by the tall, art deco buildings. It can be considered to be one of the only truly “nice” areas of Duskbürg. It seems that way on the surface. Beneath, it’s the home of the creme de la creme members of the crime families. Once you can afford an apartment there, you can be considered made. It’s the kind of area where every boss wants to raise their children. Criminal activity within the Heights is modest, compared to the other quarters, chiefly due to increased Trust overwatch."
[ul type="square"][li][font color="e56b6f"]Bunker Hill[/font] - The northern-most neighborhood within the Heights where people can actually tell the time. It is also one of the newest neighborhoods, even though that doesn't mean much in Duskbürg. It is known to be one of the most congested parts of the whole city. Living in the Hill is cheaper and crime is kept largely under the hood. Many of Monarch Solutions' employees reside in this part of town because of that.[/li][li][font color="e56b6f"]The Bodega[/font] - [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/148/bodega-open-locale[/URL]"][font color="6d597a"][font face="Josefine Sans"]LINK[/font][/font][/a] - Situated on the corner of Amsterdam Ave and Dinkley, this little Cuban convenience store is rumored to have the best burgers in town.[/li][li][font color="e56b6f"]Hellcat Gym[/font] - [a href="[URL]https://rp-forum.net/thread/786/hellcat-gym[/URL]"][font color="6d597a"][font face="Josefine Sans"]LINK[/font][/font][/a] - A weathered public gym offering an out to the younger generation, found near the Evelynn Bridge that connects Duskbürg with greater Millennium area.[/li][/ul]
[font color="eaac8b"]Old Duskbürg[/font]
"As the name indicates, Old Duskbürg holds the original properties and landmarks built with German architecture. It’s the home of the Duskbürg police headquarters, Sternako Cathedral, and the Adams Clocktower. Some of Monarch's laboratories are located within this part of town."
[ul type="square"][li][font color="e56b6f"]St. Dismas Trauma Center[/font] - Also known as The Dismal, a robust and almost always bustling hospital to the west of the antiquated quarter. It is understandably overstaffed and its helicopters keep air traffic on their toes at all times. Several MC-based charities and funds finance the continued operation of this arterial part of Duskbürg's infrastructure. Doc Hammer, former member of the Watchman Union and licensed trauma surgeon, has his practice at St. Dismas.[/li][/ul]
[font color="eaac8b"]The Murk[/font]
"Considered to be the shadiest neighborhood of Duskbürg. Neon signs forming triple exes. It’s known for its considerable concentration of homelessness and prostitution. The businesses are made up of sex shops, porn theaters, and strip clubs. Going missing or being found stabbed in this part isn’t just a danger, it’s a statistic inevitability if you don’t know the right people."
[ul type="square"][li][font color="e56b6f"]Honka Honka Park[/font]
An abandoned amusement park that was closed in the 90s after a child died from one of the attractions and the family sued the owners, causing them to go bankrupt in the process. Now the park sits there gathering rust and trash. Some of the leftover rides that couldn’t be sold off were a Ferris wheel, a broken down roller coaster, a carousel, and other rides that used to bring people joy. Some of the rides still work, others don’t at all, and others are just being held together by chance.[/li][li][font color="e56b6f"]The King's Palace[/font]
An abandoned theater that once held the city’s most attractive plays. It was abandoned when an small Earthquake caused the the roof to fall of the viewers during a playing of Les Miserables. Now, most seats are torn to pieces. Rats crawl within the walls. Some blood stains can still be found in the ground. Torn posters. Who knows what else crawls inside the King’s Palace?[/li][/ul]
[font color="eaac8b"]South Docks[/font]
"Home to the drug, weapons, and human trafficking operations of the different criminal gangs. The families made a pact not to sabotage each other’s imports and have managed to maintain said oath with a few exceptions. It is said that whoever controls the Docks holds the keys to the city."

[font color="eaac8b"]The Murder Swamp[/font]
"Known as a popular location among the common denominators as a place to take people and “get rid of them” for good. Most wisemen know better than to venture into the deeper parts of the swamp, since this is where the Eiling Brood lives. Strange things happen here at night."

[font color="eaac8b"]The Skeleton River[/font]
"Actually called “The Bagley River”, but nicknamed the “Skeleton River” for its popularity as a hideout of corpses and murder weapons. As a result, it has been outlawed to swim, fish, and ride a boat due to what people are likely to find there."

[font color="eaac8b"]The Spot[/font]
"It’s located in an alleyway, it doesn’t have a door or even a sign up. It smells of cigarettes and spilled liquor. Inside there are some hanged pictures of old time masks, the bartender was one of them. They called him the Black Claw. Some of the people drinking are of the old guard and others are the new guard. They talk about times gone by and their adventures."

[font color="eaac8b"]Club des Tueurs[/font]
"The city’s central spot for assassins for hire. A place where the most hardened assassins of the world come together to interact with each other and discuss business. Neutral ground. House rules prevent the members from conducting business inside. Failure to follow this rule results in immediate excommunication. The building has small suites for the members should they choose to seek the club as a safe haven for a fee. Members have access to a doctor and a weapons seller for extra fees."

[font color="eaac8b"]El Balcon de Paul[/font]
"They say give a man a mask and he’ll show you who he really is. One of the entire city’s most luxurious spots frequented by the 1%. Thematic of the Italian Renaissance styled masks and Roman debauchery. The customs that occur inside are a mystery to anyone who isn’t a member. By day it passes as a high class restaurant, but at night the club takes a more twisted turn. It turns into a place dominated by hedonism and fulfilling the most dark desires inside the human soul. No one ever talks about what happens inside because anyone who enters doesn’t come out the same. Everyone talks about Paul, but no one knows who Paul is. There is no government, blogger, no cell phones, no censorship. It’s a passage to paradise in hell. Everything is hard, nothing is soft."
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