Well, late introduction is better than none


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Hi there I did this a little backwards. But you may call me Eldritch or Moniker either is fine. I have been around since the days of MSN and have had a little over a decade of experience in roleplaying as well as much longer in writing. My favorite genre to write in is horror, but that isn't the only thing in my bag. I love writing fantasy and sci-fi. I am from Canada and use CST. I write between three to seven paragraphs sometimes more if the occasion calls. I usually respond once a week. For that reason, I tend to stick to 1x1 roleplays and only take a couple of partners. Anyway, this has been my introduction. I look forward to meeting those who find interest in my ideas and want to craft something sweet or sinister.
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Hello and welcome! If you need any help finding your way around, just let us know! I don't know if you have discord at all, but our group is pretty active in our discord server. You can find the link somewhere in the stickied threads, I think. Looking forward to seeing you around!