Name: Steel Armstrong
True Name: Unknown (Possibly Steel Armstrong?)
Age: 27
Appearance: A 7'0 titan never glimpsed without his iconic gleaming helmet and flowing red cape, the self-proclaimed champion-defender of Pittsburgh Steel Armstrong walks with an immortal confidence. His posture is that of a man free from harm by accident or design. His voice booms with authority in crisis situations, but has a warmth to it when dealing with members of the public, a jovial reverberation accompanying the modern-day paladin's triumphant battle cries. The plated suit he wears reflects the noonday sun, loudly announcing his presence, red cape drawing the eye like that of a matador challenging the bull of crime. Armstrong never swears, smokes, drinks, or fights dirty. A carefully cultivated persona, or his authentic, fully-realized self? For the outsider, it is impossible to tell from body language alone, so natural are his movements. They are packed with energy - no gesture is small, and no reaction understated. Though his face is hidden, his voice is unnaturally expressive.

Superhuman Ability: To an onlooker, Armstrong appears to have scored the superpower jackpot - , invulnerability, super-strength, and an Olympian physique. Reality is more complex. Armstrong has the appearance of these apparently-disparate powers, but they are all in fact tied to one metahuman factor: his cells continually synthesize non-ionizing microbursts of antimatter radiation which create a subconsciously-controlled "thrust field" of force. This force permeates his entire being and is continually emitted from his skin, continually sheathing him in a protective invisible energy field inextricably linked to his biology. The field is present at all times, including when he sleeps, though it "flexes" along with his conscious attention. While the field is always subconsciously active - subliminally reinforcing him against harm - it "deploys" when he anticipates harm or physically exerts himself to perform Herculaean feats of strength. Armstrong has been observed lifting an entire car over his head and hurling it at will with effort. His intrinsic field is tied to his conscious attention, meaning he is more durable against threats he is aware of, and correspondingly more vulnerable to attacks he does not expect. The field does not repel fluids (for otherwise he would be unable to breathe) or light (for otherwise he would be blind) or heat (for otherwise he would freeze to death).

Armstrong's physique has been significantly developed by his power. The continual strain of muscle against muscle combined with the need for additional nutrients to maintain his metahuman metabolism have grown him into an Atlas of a man. If he is ever wounded, he recovers at a heightened rate through periods of careful rest and rehabilitation. His reflexes are trained, but unenhanced.
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