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There were ten of them, plus his two rogues. That, Obsidian knew for sure. The warehouse wasn’t one of his, but one they had fortified themselves. Their small drone had captured images of the maze of crates and steel reinforcement walls before Chrysoberyl had destroyed it. The center of the warehouse had been full of the stolen guns and other equipment they had taken from the last shipment. It wasn’t everything that had gone missing, but Obsidian knew the culprits behind the rest of their missing weapons.

He and Sulphur stood outside one of the doors, gearing up for the assault. Obsidian had shed his long wool coat in exchange for several pieces of body armor to go on over his button-down and vest. He kept his gloves on. They didn’t stop his powers, and never really had, but they were a small comfort. He preferred them to the idea of skin-on-skin contact. That was a level of intimacy he couldn’t afford with his victims. A flash of hot skin against his own flashed through his mind. The memory of the feeling of teeth on his shoulder, on his chest, and he adjusted his collar.

He couldn’t think about that right now. That was for another time. Instead, he turned to his right-hand man. Sulphur likewise had exchanged his coat for body armor, and was checking his DDM4 RIS III, inspecting the weapon for any flaws. His gun was bigger and packed far more punch than Obsidian’s Dan Wesson DWX. But that was the only gun that Obsidian trusted. He cared for it personally, and it had never jammed or misfired in the year he’d had it. He chambered the first round, keeping his finger off the trigger. He looked to Sulphur again, and this time, the man was looking at him, awaiting instruction.

Around them, the four others they had brought with them were also standing, ready and at attention. They had brought some low-tier powered individuals from the local Slate branch with them. Mason, who had enhanced strength. Lawson, who had above-average speed, was even faster than Obsidian. Franky, who never missed a shot he took due to his enhanced vision and accuracy. And Seth, who could blend into the darkness with even more efficiency than Obsidian could. They’d all been picked for their strategic usefulness in this situation. And they were also all candidates for transfer to the Philly branch.

In some way, all of these men had exceptional potential. They were gifted in their departments, whether that was finance or training or operations. He knew they were all reliable, and this operation would allow any who survived the chance to advance in the organization. Obsidian rewarded dedication and hard work. And above all, he valued when someone displayed that they could act with sense without direct orders. He valued when people could adapt to situations. This was as much a test for them as it was a mission to take out his two rogues.

Obsidian couldn’t allow rogues. They set a bad example. They showed that you could leave and oppose him without threat of retaliation. You were allowed to retire, of course, but you weren’t allowed the freedom to become direct opposition. They showed a weakness in his leadership that left others questioning him.

That needed to be corrected immediately.

So with a few hand signs, Obsidian conveyed instructions. Enter the building. Surround them. Take no surrenders. Leave none alive. The team nodded their heads and all activated their comms. Obsidian and Sulphur activated their own and with a quick nod to one another, they entered the building.​
Saturn wasn't impressed with Cain performance as of late, neither was Brightheart. His continuous dragging his feet on the Slate job and the low capture rate of metas was uncharacteristic of him. Cain knew this, Saturn knew this, his team knew this. They kept giving him looks, observing, watching for cracks in his conviction. They were comrades, yes, worked a hundred jobs or more with each other. But Cain was well aware his comrades were his jailers, and would pick him apart like vultures if he slipped up.

Cain knew what he was doing, or so he had convinced himself. Slate was a big and tight-knit organization, and waltzing in right to the top man hadn't worked; but he had learned enough. He'd learned Ethan Walsh was protective of his family, he'd learned he could be manipulated. He'd also leaned he was amazing in bed, but no one but Cain needed to know that. He'd brushed off the encounter over and over in his head, filing it under a momentary lapse in judgement on his part; one he could still sue to his advantage. Still, when he thought of how best to approach the job all he could think about was Ethan's hands tailing down- he focused on the task at hand.

They'd been keeping a close eye on Slate operations, occasionally probing at their locations to maintain pressure, but never overtly engaging in hostilities. That's how they noticed a change, Slate activities were usually on the down-low, this recent string of gang violence and shipment raids drew attention. It didn't take long to figure out that a couple of Slate members had separated from the pack. Jade and Chrysoberyl, their reasons for turning against the greater organization, weren't known. But Saturn wanted to know, and therefore so did Cain. It showed at least cracked in the close-knit bond of the meta-gang, one hopefully they could exploit.

Chrysoberyl was of particular interest to Brightheart, and she had certainly garnered a close look by Cain. Her powers reminded him a lot of his own, which was why he was taking this job more seriously, and why he had been given the green light to kill if needed. He had also forgone his usual attire for his Revive Vest over a close-fitting shirt which left his arms bare in order to better utilize his powers, looser fitting combat pants tucked into knee-high boots. His belt was lined with flash grenades and other tools, as well as a back-up 1911 pistol. A knitted poncho was over his shoulders, a blend of light and dark yellows with some reds, just to keep him warm. And a matching gambler hat, Cain liked to maintain style even on the job.

Cain approached the building that Saturn had confirmed the targets to be hiding out. He slowly climbed up the side of the building and through one of the windows onto one of the upper floors. In the midsts of his entry he heard commotion and gunfire breakout, gang violence? Could be an opportunity, could be an irritation. He quietly moved to a walkway which overlooked the main warehouse part of the building and looked down. It was a commotion alright, he saw the targets, he also saw a group of men had forcibly entered...

Was that fucking Ethan Walsh?
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Fifteen. There were fifteen of them, and his two rogues. That extra firepower changed the direction of the fight in favor of Chrys and Jade. The two were pacing behind their men, who had taken up defensive positions in front of the women. Fortunately, that meant that neither was actually in a position to rush in and fight Sulphur and Obsidian.

With their own men here, Obsidian was hesitant to give Sulphur the order to use his powers. That would be shooting themselves in the foot, at least while they still had men. Even with their men spread around them, leaving them the space to work, it would still hit them first. And three of the four had already proven susceptible to Sulphur’s paralysis. With that not a current option, they would have to shoot their way through the initial ranks until the field was more even.

They had more ammo per man than Chrys and Jade’s men did, that much was sure. They could outshoot them. They could outlast them. It was just going to be a matter of tim–

There was someone here.

Obsidian didn’t know where they were, but he could feel the eyes on him. There was someone who wasn’t one of his men up above, but he didn’t have the time or space to hunt them down. He touched his earpiece as he ducked back behind a crate. “Potential additional hostile. Keep your eyes open.”

Radio silence, but that was a good thing. He could tell from their body language that they heard and understood his message. That was good. He took an extra moment to cloak himself in shadows before he turned his attention back to the fight. He straightened out over the top of the crate he was hidden behind and opened fire once more on the men beyond it. Already, three were dead and two were injured and off the field.
Cain debated what to do, objectively Ethan was providing a lovely distraction for him to get a drop on his targets. The only hesitation was personal, he didn't want to see Ethan again... even though he really wanted to see him again. He had a job to do, but he'd be lying if the situation didn't make a sly little smile grow on his lips.

So he took a step and hopped down, as he fell his poncho spread out like a pair of wings as he landed down amongst the chaotic scene of the rogue metas. His wrists opened up against placed edges on his belt and a glittering wave of scarlet shot out from him impaling three of the combatants in the neck with crystalized spears. Before anyone could react or understand what was going on Cain dived and forward rolled until he went into cover. Conveniently right next to the shadowy form he knew to be Ethan.

Cain gave him a winning smile, a wink, and a single fingered tip of his hat.

"Fancy seeing you here, sugar."
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Oh, fuck.

Ethan’s mask slipped for a second beneath his shadows, and he was grateful for the shadows that obscured him. It was fucking Cain. He looked between the man and the more open section of the floor, where three of the combatants were down. Two were dead, and one lay holding his thigh where the spikes impaled him. Five dead, three injured. Seven left standing with the two rogues.

He switched out the clip in his gun, clicking the new one into place as he glared Cain down. He let the shadows disperse once his mask was back into place, hard and impassive. He wasn’t going to let Cain know that he’d had any effect on him. Instead, he coolly looked the man over. “Cain. To what do I owe this… pleasure?”

He leaned back over the box and took a shot at the closest of his two rogues, trying to take Jade out. She lifted her arms to her face, the soft plates in it stopping the bullet from penetrating her skull. He cursed under his breath as he ducked back under the crate as a volley of bullets went flying over his head.

“I don’t suppose if I ask nicely you’ll fuck off, will you?”
Cain couldn't help but laugh at Ethan's indignation, it was cute, and he too far enjoyed getting under his skin. He wondered if this wasn't a prime opportunity to get close to him and further his ambitions towards taking on Slate, yet a quiet part of him admitted that maybe he just wanted to be close to him.

"What can I say I was in the area, why? Happy to see me? Anyway no can do, sugar, I’m for those two just like you. So why don’t you rest your pretty little head and let me finish this job."
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Obsidian smiled slightly at Cain’s insistence that he was there for Chrys and Jade. With his mask back in place, he felt more confident, more in control again. It centered him. Even if he had no idea what to do with Cain being there, that could wait until afterward.

“I wouldn’t call it happy. By all means, if you’re here to take them on, we would love the assistance.”

He turned back toward the fight and leveled his gun, shooting for the thigh of one of the standing men. He dropped, holding his leg. Obsidian ducked back behind the reinforced crate before the volley of shots rang out and over his head. He looked behind him, where Sulphur had taken up a long position in order to better aim, and saw the man’s eyes flickering between him and Cain. A voice crackled over the private comms line.

“Obsidian, isn’t that the man who tried to kill us less than three weeks ago?”

“Don’t worry about him. Focus on Chrys and Jade.”

Sulphur nodded and went back to firing. He took out one of the men on the ground before their companions could retrieve them. Six dead, three injured. Six left standing with the two rogues. He heard Chrys and Jade’s voices rising over the ringing of the gunfire. They sounded like they were having some kind of disagreement. Obsidian smiled again, softly, and looked at Cain.

“As I was saying, we were a little more outnumbered than our sources and intel led us to believe. The help won’t be frowned upon.”
"Oh I'm sure I can help you, sugar," Cain grinned, looking at Ethan he couldn't help but feel the playful elation coming out. He unclasped his poncho and let it fall from him, giving Ethan an ample look at his bare arms. He popped out of cover and tossed three more spikes which flew towards the combatants. He dived back down, landing right side by side with Ethan.

"So prefer a personal touch with traitors huh?"
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Obsidian could feel Sulphur’s eyes on him as he smiled sharply at Cain. The smile had a bit of a twinkle in his eyes as he turned to look at the field again. Two of Cain’s spikes flew true, taking down two more men. Seven dead, four injured, and four left standing with the rogues. This was good progress. He looked back over the crate again just in time to catch a brief flash of Lawson passing behind the enemy lines and fucking with weapons and ammo.

He turned his attention back to Cain, more confidence returning to him. They were doing good now, and he wasn’t going to deny that Cain’s help was appreciated. “It’s a show of control. If my people don’t think I’m in control and can personally take out any threats or backstabbers, I lose control. I cannot stress to you how bad it would be if I lost control of my organization.”
"Always in control, always in charge, always trying to... be on top," Cain grinned. "You could really use a day off... hold that thought" Cain ducked lower as a hail of gunfire went over their heads. He slammed his fist into the floor, blow shot out from his open wound along the around like a snake. It wormed across until it pooled a few feet away from the remaining rogues. Spikes grew out from the pool like bloody stalagmites, sending the rogues retreating from the heath trap and interrupting their aim. "Anyway, sugar, take it from me, you're doing too much"
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As the stalagmites of blood crystalized and shot up, the men scattered. The two women in the background’s voices raised and Obsidian smiled and chuckled. They were really starting to get heated. He looked at Cain, all set to give him an answer about just how good at being on top he was, when he heard Chrys’s voice rise above the din.

“Fine then! I’ll handle this myself!” He looked up sharply and saw Chrys hop the barrier, leaving Jade behind it. As she moved forward, she hardened her skin into armor, and from one of her arms, she produced a long, thin weapon. The handle was almost five feet long, and the curved blade at the end gave it another foot of length. A Kwan Dao, by the looks of it. Something that Obsidian only knew from Sulphur’s training.

A bullet ripped through the air above his head and went straight for Chrys’s head, but the woman raised a hand and caught it, she winced and dropped it, shaking out her hand. He could see the cracks in her palm. So bullets were going to be useless against her.

Behind her Jade paced behind the barrier. He couldn’t take on Chrys. She was physically stronger than him, but Jade– Jade, he could take. So he turned back to Cain and smiled, his head tilting back slightly, his smile showing a sharp amount of teeth. “I do just enough. Now then, that one looks like she’s calling your name. What do you think?”
Cain somewhat welcomed the distraction, though he was having fun with this back and forth; he shook himself free of whatever spell Ethan had on him long enough to focus on the task at hand. Cain watched with interest as Chrys produced her weapon of bone, and he still couldn't help but wink at Ethan as he hopped out of cover. His skin became webbed with visible blood vessels and veins as his outer layer of skin crystalized into an armour. His still bleeding wist driped gemstones onto the ground until a long think blase slowly emerged from the flesh to rest in Cain's palm, appearing rather like a rapier. He adopted a fencing stance with a wicked smile that dripped blood from his mouth - his vest beeped a warning and administered medication to steady his heart - Cain breathed before lunging forward towards Chrys. Blood meeting bone in a clash of weapons.