Open RP Ragnarök [Vol 1]

This RP is currently open.

The shield came flying toward her as Wolfhound began to distract Valkyrie. It gave her just enough time to catch the shield in her gloved hand, feeling the sharp edge almost cutting into her hand. It hurt a lot to catch it, and she could feel where the deep bruising in her hand would be later on. But it was better than the alternative of it cutting through her neck, which is where she had caught it.

She stayed like that for half a second before extending the shield back out and using its sharp edge to take out two more of the wakeful dead who had closed in on her. She trusted Wolfhound to distract Valkyrie for a moment as she dispatched the bodies with the woman’s own shield. It worked effectively to cut through their fragile bodies and crumple them.

“You know, it’s rude to throw things at people. Didn’t your mommy teach you better?” Phoenix spun in a half circle, facing the fight again. She used that momentum to throw the shield back at Valkyrie’s back, aiming to bury it in her shoulder. As she did so, she superheated the shield. It crackled under the push of heat through wood and steel, but it heated up. It left her fingers in a sharp spin back toward the tall woman. Phoenix trusted Wolfhound to not get hit by the flying disk either.​
It was like feeding, and hunting, his blade was his fangs and it sought warm flesh for it's meal. Strike, parry, counter, riposte, back and forth. The Wolfhound snarled a grin, his swings came with growls and roars of rage-full passion. They were near evenly matched in speed and skill, and Connor found that he loved it. His heart was light, his body full, it felt good, it felt right. He was giddy, saliva dripped from his maw.

In their swirling circles of death Connor had turned his back towards Sam, he'd seen her catch the shield from Valkyrie like it was frisbee, he heard it now returning through the air vibrating like a tuning fork. Locking his blade with Valkyrie's he shoved her hard to make space and hopefully dislodge her footing, he then bent forward, dodging under the flying shield as it flew eight over his head. The Wolfhound came up from his dive and spinned, gathering momentum to arc his blade towards his opponents side just as the shield hit it's mark at the same time.