RP Pirates of the Hard Nox 2

The woman began walking, the message in her posture clear. He was supposed to follow, to be brought to heel like an obedient pup, fawning over her every step. She believed that Lucien was wrapped around her finger, when in reality he simply was biding his time until he could bury his fangs in her neck.

“Neither sent me, princess. I simply saw you stepping away from the party and thought you may appreciate an escort. Not that you require one, of course.” Lucien’s tone was one of humility, of deference, with just a hint of something above his station.

It wouldn’t do to imply that she needed the protection in her own manor. But it certainly made a convenient excuse.

“Will you be returning to the party later? Or retiring early?” All polite questions, Lucien’s posture straight and formal, hands clasped behind his back, his face a smooth mask as he followed the princess and her maid.
Ah, yes that’s the one.” Nessa said, with an annoyed cluck of her tongue. What the hell was Caleb’s plan anyway? Man was more than lucky that the ceremony meant there were so many new faces about. Still, now wasn't really the time to worry about those things.

Do you happen to know where he went? I’ve got a message I need to get to him.” Nessa said. She paused a moment before smiling again. “And maybe we’ll have time to catch up after that.
Sam shook her head. She hadn’t seen the one eyed footman since he left the kitchen, over an hour ago.

“I’m sorry. I wish I could help.”

It was about time she went back to the kitchen. The young elf girl was about to turn around when a woman, slick blond hair and silver wings behind her back marched towards them. Sam didn’t know which of the twins it was, if it was Danielle or Gabrielle.

“My lady.” She curtsied, with her head lowered.

“Tell the cook we’re out of canapes.” She said dismissively, turning her attention to the maid by Sam’s side. Something about her seemed to annoy the noblewoman; perhaps it was the pointy ears or the lack of wings behind her back. Maybe it was both.

“I didn’t know they were hiring elves at the Floating Isles.”


Her maids knew at this point that she appreciated an escort. The door was pushed open and the princess stepped into her room, wondering if he’d be bold enough to step in before the door was closed.

In a corner, her tub was filled with an opaque white liquid, and the smell of roses filled the room. The maid who accompanied her began unlacing the back of her dress, loosening her corset.

“I’m not in the mood for parties. By the time I get back, my dear husband will likely be too drunk to stand.” She sighed, having seen this side of him multiple times throughout the years. If by a miracle he managed to consummate the marriage, it would fade out of his memory anyway.

“I don’t remember ever seeing you here.”
She said, stepping into the tub still wearing her undergarment. The maid who had prepared the bath began removing the pins off her red curls.
“How long have you been a guard for the duke of Goswick?”


If Caleb’s skin was lighter, perhaps the blush of his cheeks would have given it away. He smiled at Alys, raising the rolled up carpet over his shoulder.

“I was waiting for the right moment.” He said, making his way towards a cabinet, in hopes it’d be empty enough to hide a body. He had to move some things out of the way but after some struggle, he managed to close the do
or with the carpet inside.
Good day” Nessa said, following Sam’s curtsy with a shallower one of her own, partially due to how the woman had said elves as if the word itself had a stench and partially because she would like to keep her knife hidden beneath the dress’s skirt. A look at her face was all Nessa really needed to know she was one of the ones they needed to kill, she looked a mirror’s image to on the Princess that Lucien had followed, which Nessa might have called unfortunate luck if she hadn’t decided that she hated the woman within six words of meeting her.

Nessa kept her head dipped in some showing of reverence for the twin, though she also smiled, something sharper than she had given Sam.

They do, madam.” Nessa answered, as if it had been a real question. “Is there something I can help you with?
"Oh, don't be awful, Danielle. I think she's adorable." The second voice was almost identical to the first, as was the face and figure of the person it came from. Gabrielle stepped in gracefully, as if the world were her stage and she was, of course, the prima donna - who just had to happen to share the place with her alternate.

"I think we should get one," she added, on further inspection of the little elf girl servant, apparently liking whatever it was she saw. "We could dress her up in funny little hats. She'd be a riot at parties. You, girl, who owns you? I want to buy you."
Alys acknowledged his response with a nod - and nothing more. Couldn't even look at him. After all, he didn't seem all too bothered by the fact that there were only four more nobles left and that despite his time advantage, the best he could manage was clean up after someone else. She hoped it'd been worth it.

Lifting her skirt, she secured the dagger back into its sheath, then reached for the bottle of elven wine and her half-filled glass. "There was a maid who saw us together," she said, lifting the glass to her lips to drink the rest of the deep red liquid. "She might be back soon."

Leaving the empty glass behind, her feet began to move towards the door. "I'll figure out a way to get to the others. I'm sure the three of you can handle the princess."

With the bottle of wine in hand, a possible cause for the maroon splotch on her dress, Alys left the room and began her descent. She avoided the sound of music and laughter and went deeper, an idea brewing in her mind. She'd make the wine more than just an excuse, but a weapon as well.
Sam didn’t like how that conversation was going. Spending most of her time hiding in the basement, it was her first time being addressed by the duke’s daughters and finding out how unpleasant they were.

“What are you waiting for?” Danielle spat out, and after a moment of hesitation, the sixteen year old shot her childhood friend an apologetic look and rushed through the hallway, to deliver the message about the canapes.

Danielle, who was previously annoyed, softened her expression at the arrival of her twin sister. The girl was adorable indeed, or at least she would be if she hadn’t those giant ears, too big for her angelic face. She crossed her arms, waiting for the girl to answer her sister’s question.
Ah, there was the twin. Nessa raised her head as the woman mentioned buying her so she could have her wear funny hats at parties. Sam scurried off, which was good, that girl shouldn’t be here. Nessa quirked her head to one side as she looked up at the newly arrived twin, as if uncertain about the offer. Well, it very much wasn’t an offer was it?

Do you wish to buy out my contract then?” Nessa said, not certain if cities outside of Costa bothered with service contracts. Still, she was also fairly certain the two thought she was some form of slave.

Was Sam one?

She felt irritation prickling in the tips of her ears, but she kept her expression neutral. Instead, Nessa tipped forward as if joining into a little conspiracy. “Are you making a better offer then? Ah—” She feigned a furtive glance down the hallway. “Should take this someplace private I think, missus.