Approved Personnel File: Roger North/ACF-3718 "Mephisto"

Personnel File: Agent Roger North “The Investigator”

Name: Roger Samuel North

Rank: A-Class-C

Locations: L-10 Clearance, mostly frequents ACF-3718's “Red Haven” domain

Age: approximately 38 y/o, D.O.B. [REDACTED]/REDACTED]/1986

Hair color: salt and pepper

Eye color: hazel

Height: 1.9 meters

Weight: 95.2 kg

Hobbies: organizing files, fixing machinery

Foundation History

Roger North signed on with the Foundation following the accidental discovery of a previously unknown radio frequency. Due to the bizarre nature of this frequency, every aspect of Roger's former life was erased for the safety of any possible outside connections. All appropriate parties were administered dosages of mild amnesiac drugs to assist in the transition. He is currently isolated to tests involving the radio frequency and its associated anomalies, most notably the mysterious ACF-3718.

Related Anomalies

ACF-3718 “Mephisto”

Not much is known about the self-proclaimed master of the “Red Haven” domain. It is an anomaly that identifies as male, with phenomenal powers seemingly limited to music and conditions met by consensual deals or exchanges.

Mephisto claims that he is, in fact, the biblical Devil. The extent of his abilities is not currently known within the boundaries already mentioned.

End of file.

Roger North Diary Entry #1 - dated [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2023

I don't know if this is how I'm supposed to be using my time. I could be repairing something or fixing clerical errors. I'm not good at articulating myself, especially now that I'm not who I used to be. The psychologists on-site have recommended that I keep a record of myself so I don't lose what I have left. They're not specifically worried about me, more I'm their only link to this anomaly so far. That's what I think at least. All they talk about is the damn radio frequency.

I'm sure they have more important things to worry about, but this is getting agitating. I've only been here for a few months. I want out, but there's nowhere else for me to go.

Roger North Diary Entry #37 - dated [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2023

The Foundation just finished installing a track for me to start walking on tomorrow. They want me to do exactly what I did when I listened to the radio frequency the first time. They think it'll trigger properly if I follow their instructions. I have no idea what that means but I guess that's why they enlisted me as a guinea pig.

On another note, I think I'm starting to enjoy the food.

Roger North Diary Entry #38 - dated [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2023

Today was brutal. They had me wear a sealed hazard suit with a heavy backpack full of random stuff while I was walking in circles for four hours listening to that damn radio station. The music was admittedly catchy. I'm still humming a few of the songs, even after dinner and a shower. At least they had air conditioning.

They want me to continue this kind of testing until something happens.

Roger North Diary Entry #41 - dated [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2023

They got their results today. There wasn't a portal, no transition, nothing. I was on the track one minute and the next, I was in front of a city limits sign. I took a picture on one of the disposable cameras. I didn't take the time to really register how big the place was, the only thing that stuck out at that moment was the name.

"Red Haven".

I didn't want to step forward. Something told me to stay put. The radio station went to commercial break and I suddenly appeared back inside the Foundation building.

Everyone was on the track trying to find any clues or evidence of me disappearing, but they didn't find anything. As far as they knew, I just popped out of existence and then came back after a few minutes.

I showed them the picture I took and they wrote down all sorts of notes while asking me questions.

"What was the temperature like?" Pleasant.

"Were there any strange smells?" No, but I noticed it didn't smell like a modern city. There wasn't a smog around it, and there wasn't a lot of traffic noise.

"What kind of noise was there?" Music. Like a vintage bar or elevator, but everywhere.

"Did you see anyone or anything that seemed alive?" Nope.

"Did anyone see you?" Not that I know of.

"How did you get back?" The station took a commercial break while I hesitated to move forward. It was like the music held the connection and I had to participate while it was playing, or else it just let me go.

After a few more questions, they put me in decontamination for a couple hours just to make sure nothing stuck to my uniform or skin. I was given the green light and sent to commissary with a meal ticket.

Roger North Diary #53 - dated [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2023

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