Limited Flowery Utensils

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Sakura had arrived into town and squared away a small apartment for herself. Later tonight she planned to go start her career at vigilante justice. To begin the work of cutting a bloody path through the criminal circles. Right now however the job was a simple one, with a home and plans for the night the redhead needed one more thing, somewhere to train. Combat sports was her life. Six years old her grandfather said "Aka I wish to teach you" from then on Aka was a nickname she had taken to and the Rose looked to study every means of combat she could find. She drove around town and looked for the first gym to really seize her attention.

This lead her to the Infinity gym the owner was preoccupied at the time out doing something else. This was a slight bummer as the rose waned to try her hand at the membership deal. This seemed the best domain though to practice, Aka was immediately drawn to the warm atmosphere. She signs up and then goes to change. A black karate gi was switched into. The v-neck went a bit low though the martial artist hadn't minded. It lacked sleeves showcasing arms that were remarkably wellndeveloped especially for her age. Aka wasn't going to sneak into any bars, was no hiding she was still young. Her physique though was sharpened to a weapon.

Rose wanted a partner someone to maybe help manage weights or who she could help. Or better yet a spar, Aka knew that was arguably an unfair desire to have. That said the vigilante enjoyed the act of fighting to much not to. Back in Osaka the woman had agreed to a contest from anyone be they a young martial artist like she had been to seasoned veterans. At the moment though the gym was fairly silent and nobody to interact with, hopefully it wouldn't last long for the moment though Rose took to the bags solo setting up her phone to provide some music.

Filament by Yousei Teikoku playing as the redhead began to assault a heavy punching bag hanging from the ceiling. The martial artist though nearly made the bag dance with her strikes. It's heft not halting it from feeling the force of countless mixture of kicks and punches. The song choice was metal and yet the ronin looked to strike it with the same kind of speed such a song provided. "Really could go for some company. Need to pick up more hobbies with friend potential."

The martial artist wasn't sure if it was just bad luck or not. Aka though couldn't help from letting the words slip. She was perhaps a bit to honest and transparent for her own good. The redhead was new to the city with right now nobody to call friend. Attitude of hers while incredibly comfortable in the ring wasn't looking for isolation or being the edgy loner. Amusingly despite being a monster as a vigilante she didn't wanted edgy tropes of individualism and isolation.

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