Pending Fate

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 105 lbs
Occupation: Criminal
Residence: Pittsburgh, PA (formerly Chicago, IL)
Family: Dead

Fate has the ability to imbue objects with power. She usually does this by using the innate power found within the body part of metahumans. This ability manifests itself in a deck of 78 tarot cards of Fate's design, 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. When used, the design fades from the card and it must be repainted. Repainting the card is a long process proportional to the card being painted. Repainting a minor arcana card takes a minimum of 1 hour, increasing according to the card's value. The 2 of Wands would take 2 hours to repaint, while the 10 of Wands would take 10 hours. The face cards also take an extra hour each, with the Page of Wands taking 11 hours and the King of Wands taking 14 hours. Major arcana cards are similar in that the time it takes to paint them is equal to their value, plus an additional 14 hours. Card 0, The Fool, takes 14 hours to repaint, while Card 21, The World, takes 35 hours to paint. Fate can pause during this time and come back to her work later, but she cannot sleep until the card is finished. Otherwise, she loses her work and must start again

Each card varies in its power and ability, but all are tied to the meaning of the card. The major arcana are all powerful in their own right, with each card producing a specific effect. The minor arcana are less powerful, but are more varied in their effects. Each suit has a theme, and the cards in that suit follow its theme, growing more powerful as the card's value increases.

Where Fate keeps her deck is a mystery, however it always appears to be on her person. When drawing a card, she usually seems to pull the card from thin air, although nobody knows whether she is actually doing that or if it's simply very good sleight of hand. She also seems to do this with other items, usually her seemingly endless supply of Monster Energy that she drinks while she's working on repainting a card.

There is one word to describe Fate: villain. Well, in actuality there are several words, including manic, impulsive, insane, delusional, show-off, and creepy. All of them are technically correct, but "villain" suits Fate the best, in her opinion. The vision she saw from the High Priestess solidified exactly who Fate wanted to be, and the steps she needed to take to get there. Gone is the quietly interested kid she used to be, the one who teachers would forget if not for her macabre interests. Now, with dyed hair, piercings, and eyes that seem to shine just a little too much and a smirk that seems a little too knowing, Fate revels in the attention she receives. Large spectacles, impulsive actions, seemingly random tangents of conversation, all of them accompany Fate as she continues to skip along her path. Fate is fully aware that every person's life is an intricate story story of highs and lows.

And she intends to be the villain in every single one of them.​