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First up a post I wanted to get out. I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in it. Or in revisiting the sandbox. If it got to be a rp I imagine it might be a one-off as we've a new super hero setting. Anywho


It'd been a good while sense any drama came to pass, until heroes were stirred into climactic moments. Had been some time sense villains of prodigious notoriety stepped from shadows to show aims of Conquest. Conflict was eternal but it had been quieter until tonight...

Between Eden and Styx

Millenium City bled into Duskburg. The ideal upper city next to the epitome of slums. Milenium was known for it's heroes, it's bravery, it's grandeur. Duskburg was known for its crime, its ferocity, its survivor spirit. Between these two was a gym that arguably captured the heart of these two cities. Hellcat Gym was the home of a retired vigilante a blood splatter covered boxer who'd taken bribes, broken deals but also contested thugs and broken bones of corrupt cops. He was a violent man once but now was more known as simply a father. Then there was the hero, a dragon slaying titan a woman who was never shaken from her resolve. That woman was also a devil, a horned monstrosity who seemed a danger to the world.

The gym had grown over the years the Hellcat and Oni-girl could afford to upgrade if they splurged but couldn't afford hiring contractors. So they figured they would do it themselves, but the towns came together to help. Girlfriends, friends that were like sisters, regular friends. Rivals, gym goers, survivors, those saved by the devil. It wasn't like everyone came to help, a lot assisted though. Hellcat Gym hasn't been ever the best gym, it wasn't owned by the best vigilante, and the woman who wanted to fight the most was never really contested. It was possible though that there was nowhere else with as much heart. But would that be where a story ended...

Dawn of Armageddon

The night was serene, the stormy nature of Duskburg was taking the night off. It was mid summer and so while the days were hot the nights were a perfectly cool temperature. A father and his daughter had spent the night doing a marathon of a movie series. Yokai Yakuza all seven original films and the the terrible anime prequel film was the goal. Granted three and five were also notoriously bad. They loved the series though, and with everything going on in their lives they tried to make room for moments like this. Just them, way to much pizza, and campy martial arts movies. It was a treat, one that they couldn't realistically afford by the way. Turns out six dollars sixty cents was not a good price for their business.keeping the bills paid didn't care about gimmicks. It was a tradition though that they would never shake. It was reckless to treat themselves maybe, but then maybe that was why one called it a treat.

They enjoyed the night and passed out somewhere middle of Yokai Yakuza Five Ninjas Revenge. It was somewhere in the closing act of Yokai Yakuza Zero Prelude of Punishment that Carmen snuck to her room. A twenty seven year old nearly eight foot tall devil who weighed so much the floor struggled to hold the hyper muscular hellion. Carmen was as stealthy as well Carmen. She was just the antithesis of Stealth. Her dad rolled his eyes and pretended like he wasn't stirred. It was the eye roll one could only learn from their kid. One few in the world the Hellcat let see. And this was the last moment they would be themselves.

The night passes on and forces worm their way into the home.

A father sneaks into a room over a slumbering giant. He tightens his hand into a spear point. Long ago a gang had removed his finger nails. This lead to the claw implants the Hellcat had been known for. The boxer had been able to stab into car engines with those claws and he thrust this blade like hand toward the the throat of Carmen. His eyes had rolled into the back of his head possessed. His act woke someone else not all there black long nails ensnared the jugular of Hellcat. An Oni waking up as the possession leaves a father.

It sparked a laugh. "You could have called." The vigilante spoke, so use to punishment he didn't waver. The grip tightened. "All these years and I still miss this." A husband said, he remembered those loud nights they had been few but meant the world to him. "We, we won't hold this against you love." A father said, he didn't want this for his daughter, he knew though if the love of his life came back though how things would go. He knew he was powerless in a situation like this. He accepted it, and had to just hope others could save his daughter.



Glass and brick litter the street debris scatter like leaves on the wind the force had been monstrous. To join the wreckage was patterns of red. Posters of fighters and action films were caught up in the breeze. None of it as poignant however as the photo of a father and daughter. A Champion Boxer next to a tiny horned girl, well time compared to what the child grew into being. Reaching out to the photo was a hand, the rest was beyond identification. A headless twisted heap of carrion. It no longer even seemed human just meat. It left a trail though of vermillion a streak of gore leading to the woman who landed in the street.

Clutched in a colossal hand a hint of spine and neck meat hanging from it the head of a father. His wife was his killer, done by the hands of his daughter. The Hellcat had danced with the fires of hell but had always been a kitten trying to conquer a mountain. He was a violent man, a good husband, a killer, a loving father and destined to die bloody for these things. Hell chose his wife for more, and their passion defied orders. For a mother's disobedience she would possess her daughter for her next mission. For a father raising a daughter over a force of hell he would die by his daughter's hand. For being born of a rebellious man and a rebellious agent of hell a daughter watched helplessly and silent to the world.

Amongst the drips of blood was another bit of rain. A mercy perhaps that they were allowed to flow on this stormless night.

Kanabo in her other hand. A club made of dragon bone. It swings backwards toward a wall. She knew that building.

It'd been over twenty years a quarter of a century. She remembered it perfectly though, promoted from the usual soul draining denizen of her mother's side. Instead she was a champion of the burning planes like her father encouraged to bring more into the world. She looked for candidates and found most weak. She could pick any gender of partner, Hell would find its ways. What she wanted though was someone special a warrior. And the first one she found fought like a lion. He was paid to lose in the ring she had seen the deal play out. Some pride of his wasn't feeling it that night however. He nearly beat a man to death in the ring instead. They would have attempted the same in the alley that night. She helped him fight, and not long after a devil and lion laid in that ring, they were blood coated but not bloody. It was an act of love. Something the devil didn't know she could feel.

Kanabo crashes through walls and pillars as if they were as durable as tissue.

The head with black nails digging into it watched the strike in his final moments. He knew that place. He grew up more in that gym then his home. It was his father's. It was his grandfather's. He thought his desire to be a vigilante would lead him to have nobody in life. That his family legacy would one day be handed over to some gang member or super human criminal. Until one night he found a lover in that ring. He would get married there. When his daughter was born he grieved his gone wife there. A shot of whiskey in one hand and baby cradled in the other. He knew this would happen, and he knew what he wanted this gym to be for his little girl.

Throughout Duskburg and Millenium was the boom of thunder. No clouds above and yet a storm had come. Smoke blossomed into the air lit well by the city lights. It reached upwardnas if the smoke wished to kiss the tops of sky scrapers.

Behind trapped eyes Carmen saw it. Her weapon her hands, used to bring down that building she knew as home...

A helicopter swings by over head. The world would see it.

"This is George Newsly with the Millenia Network, channel 6 News. I can't believe I'm saying this but the Oni-girl has it looks like leveled her home and killed her father. She taught my baby girl Kung fu last summer I think she's being controlled...sorry." His hand had gone to his ear piece, no doubt being told to be unbiased in reporting. "She's heading east, highway is close its recommended if you can get clear. And we ask anyone who can help do so. I'm not sure if there's a Carmen to save and I'm not sure the devil can be stopped."

Perhaps the strongest woman in the world, if not strongest person was now turned against it. If one was tied to the powers sacred or damned they might feel the sense of pain from the Oni. If someone was psychic they might hear the screams of the mind. A loud excitable woman bordering on grief striking her feral. Anyone could see it though Oni-girl a woman who's every muscle seemed sculpted and trained to perfection was turning on the city. Just under eight feet tall by now with nearly foot long horns crowning her head. Skin red as blood, it was an unmistakable sight. At this point though she was what a continent shaker perhaps more? Who could save Carmen from this possession. And even if that was possible was the risk worth it with the apocalyptic ruin she threatened to bring just by being turned into a apocalyptic force?

The sound wasn't pretty as the sai was pulled free and the body made a thud. A kick follows striking near the temple.with it the Linebacker was sure to be to dizzy to get back up for awhile. The sound of boot to head helped hide a click. The next sound echoes in that room.

A gunshot a bullet passing from back of her left shoulder blade to pop out the other side.

"Hey Jade. You ever read about vampires?"

Maybe she had an audience elsewhere who wouldn't take nicely to such a line. Also maybe lying wasn't a good habit to pick up. She thought it sounded cool however and it was to late now. A sprint kicked in, she was moving toward Jade almost before another shot came. That second round went wide finding a wall instead of a redhead. A sai slapped at the wrist, harsh blow to weaken hold on the pistol used by Jade. A free hand sought to grab Jade's forehead and slam it backwards. This sharp blow would make ones cranium hit the office wall with sharp force. Jade would be unarmed and unconcious when Aka bit down.

Teeth would sink into a shoulder. And as substance entered the body the gunshot would heal. A soft clatter sounding off as a bullet was pushed from the body. Which for all attempts and purposes likely looked as though a bite into jugular had mended flesh. Jade was very much alive like the other two. Amongst the serenade of violence however it may not look that way. That rather a new monster had come to this city.
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Snacks Wanted

The scene more fully came into view. Trigger happy nature made reasoning sometimes go out the window. Lexi was close to the painted hero and looking at two people. One was stuck to a shelf with purple foam. Purple was a very fashionable choice of color but something about foam pinning to a surface made it seem less than a choice. That thug was trapped, and that to her sounded like an invitation to die. He wasn't going to escape the foam his partner wasn't getting him free. That would then mean he was almost guaranteed arrest. There's a twitch in the eye, memories that told her what Lexi would want. A finger moved to the trigger contemplating the squeeze. It'd be a favor then the other one spoke up.

The person who spoke was skinny kind of tall. He seemed thin this heist might do him some good. The hoodie helped hide ones physique but the gunslinger could just sort of see friends in him. Or herself in him. Just someone who could benefit from a heist gone right...she really wanted to shoot someone though.

Maybe if she got a better look at her suroundings. Boots step on shelves a few ruffling sounds as snacks fall over. It was potentially rude to have not responded right away. To climb a shelf instead of answer this would help identify other people to maybe shoot though which Lexi would classify as a priority. "I disagree friendo. Your foamed buddy for example?"

"He's not leaving that. So jail it is. Always dreading the soap drop. Always eating bland food. Questioning if anyone will visit you...then you remember all your anyones are gone. So alone... It's Foamones choice I think. Foamy MAY I SHOOT YOU?" Standing on a shelf and yelling Lexi might be more trouble then anything. An invitation for a shoot out perhaps. Or maybe talking would still be attempted those almost radiant blue eyes though weren't as chaotic and uncertain though. What Lexi wanted was to shoot Foamy in the head, wanted Foamy to say yes. Perhaps skinny and the other thugs had options, but not Foamy....unless maybe she helped.

Those murderous blue eyes grew shifty. Darting from Foamy to Painted, Back to Foamy, back to Painted. They looked to Skinnythrn back to Foamy. Perhaps they'd ask for help instead. Shooting Foamy still sounded the ideal option but she could possibly help if they wanted? Her hand twitched uncertainty worming it's way into her brain. Or was that the hole in it getting to her again? She heard whispers she could make friends here, she was more a thug than a hero. She didn't want to be arrested though and heroes won more she thought, but she heard whispers how easy it would be. Water balloons of paint how bullet proof could a hero be?

Despite not being answered yet. Despite no talking. Her eyes continued to shift and dart, to Lexi the world was loud.

go crazie
Original Oni-girl cs and they're I'm betting now broken af div

[div style="background-image:url([URL];border:1px[/URL] solid #b30f16;border-radius:20px;padding:2.5%;margin:auto;background-color:black;"]
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[font color="12f7f7"][font size="3"]
Name: Carmen Nevidmal
Alias: ONI-GIRL!
Age: 666 minus like 644 so 22
Hair: Black as the ABYSS
Weight: RUDE! But about literally 666 pounds but it's 99.666% muscle don't at me! IM A LIKE TREE OF A LADY OKAY!
Height: 7 ft tall


Super Strength: Oni has largely been known for two things strength and durability. On her birthday she seems to double in natural strength, which has slightly been helped by a body that would have been almost exclusively muscle by default and is altered more by work out routine. At this point her striking power is at its upper most akin to the potency of  nukes. A monster of physical might who can liit nearly anything already. She is at this point no planet breaker, but even if the lowball of this were a single megaton in force or lifting it would make her a monster to behold. With this incredible strength she additionally can move up to the speeds to match rockets. She's not built for being a speedster though its important to note this is more reaction speed trying to runnconsistently at such a rate is best done in a straight line.

Super Durability: With all this incredible might comes resilience. It's hard for her to get exhausted, her love of a challenge helps her rise to occasions that do hurt. Really though it comes down to simply being a devil of massive physical ability. One should use actual ordnance as opposed to conventional weapons to phase her. The towering devil is the kind of woman who could weather Airstrikes like a boxer does punches.


After a spar with her friend Kore and Noctua the Oni slowly began to learn of chi. That inner working power of the body, it seems to change depending on the user but for the Oni it exists for two things. Potential and  Regeneration! Potential, is the ability to try and contain or tap into the raw energy the devil usually tries to withhold or locked inside. In a brawl with Dayman she learned how to draw on that devilish might! Recently Oni was able to amplify her might, though most focus is on containing area of effect. Knowing how to strike with more of her power and MAYBE not leveling a bunch of property along the way. The upper limit of where she can go is unknown, it's rare to find a challenge that calls for it. At Carmen's core though she was meant to level any foe come the apocalypse and with he practice she can taste where she's meant to be. Regeneration the most trivial of chi use, it helps her recover as she rests. That's about it really letting her come back in a few days for another round if the damage actually does stop her.

Gear and Skills:
A Champion Boxer, confident wrestler, and semi confident in Tahtib (weapon focus being on sticks in this Egyptian martial art)

Durable Phone Case, the Bunk3r v3 is last years Bunker phone case model meant to help a phone survive being used by a superhero. It's incredibly durable, and Oni's has a mix of devil related key chains on it.

The Oni Girl Costume!: After a fight with Aurum the devil had obtained some chunks of hail turned gold. Some of them went to having a outfit to change into!...Its lovingly made and has no additional properties. Most of the money went to a warranty to repair it as needed.

Dragon Fang!: A oni sized claymore made of a dragon tooth. Durable as all hell and sharpened to a pretty keen edge it can cut through a lot! And if it can't well it can withstand the Oni might enough to cleave anyways!

Long ago THE HELLCAT, a boxer and vigilante fell for LILLITH, not really was just a devil of remarkable power. The woman had been on earth for a time having possessed a woman and wanted to bring a child into the world. Hailing a champion of violence the two consummated their love on A PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD CARVED BY BEELZEBUB. Well not really, was just a regular night on a regular bed. Ultimately there was no real desire to have some Hellspawn of the apocalypse just a child not susceptible to the limits of others. A demon who didn't fear the priests or dread the touch of holly water.

This resulted in Carmen a girl who as a baby spat out her pacifier as her first act. This motion of rebellion demolished a hospital wall. As time went on the Oni grew in strength, constantly trying to figure out how not to demolish everything. Something burned in her to be destructive but her dad worked hard to channel that into something good. She focused on boxing, grew up loving action and martial arts movies. She became instead someone who chased adventure and challenge, who didn't want to destroy but to see people get strong.

She was never good at school but she was gifted at learning things hands on and physical. And recently more and more has been trying to step into the job of a hero. An act usually helped by Kore helping the devil get around.


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[font color="12f7f7"][font size="6"]2023 Update![/font]

[font size="3"]

Age: as of December and 2023 666 minus like 643 so 23
Hair: Black as the ABYSS
Weight: RUDE! But about literally 666 pounds but it's 99.666% muscle don't at me! IM A LIKE TREE OF A LADY OKAY!
Height: 7 ft tall
Skin Tone: This one is new! She is Red Skinned!

Powers; Might Upddate!
Supposedly her might and durability rises every time she gets a year older. At this point though it's not like she can afford a means to quantify it if she has. She's a walking Meteor, a physical power to surpass a WMD! Point is she hits hard as hell and can endure hits to match

Gear and Skills:
A Champion Boxer, good wrestler one could argue champion level but she cant fight in the ring so, and confident in using swords or clubs.

Having been burned by radiation her skin is a hint softer. She finds herself still able to bruise like last year maybe even easier. Additionally she Heals a bit slower, in truth she has skin cancer from the nuclear fall out from the death match of Gawain. She seems able to keep going, same time though if there was a power over radiation or forms of sickness and disease she might be susceptible.


Main updates here started dating a barista if that's important? Just a friendly redhead it's not like she's secretly a black knight. Speaking of knights though Carmen met one this night,the mysterious Scout and herself popped a kaiju frog. Before that Carmen ripped a kaiju raven in half. Besides a girlfriend maybe, the real big change in her history was her death match with Gawain. She was assisted by Kore and the agents of Mira.

Held in place by ice from Grymskull, softened by acid from Kore, it helped insure the rending efforts of Oni! With a torn off ear and opening was made for Scramjet to drive steel into the tyrants head, which Bascilla vibrated to make carve up the brain. They bested Gawain but this was the triumph of heroes. Apart of Carmen wanted to test her might as a fighter to reach the limits of her devilish roots. While may e not knowing if she could be a killer she now looks the part of the devil. Gawain had used nuclear blasts and trying to endure this to spare allies Carmen received burns across her body.


Name: "Noir"
Alias: "Collar says Noir shut up." Is also okay with Critter
Age: "Enter Thirties soon...last year spent as a cat."
Height: "I'm a cat how tall do you fucking think."
Weight: "Ten pounds or so. Not a fat cat just a cat."
Hair Color: "Midnight black, it was her favorite color..."
Eye Color: "Yellow I miss when they were blue..."
Distinguishing features: "The fact I. Am. A. Cat."
Scent Profile: "It's always chocolate. And well cat. I've tried like you would not believe. SHE wouldn't let me even change that."

Spells known:

Cantrips: These can be cast at leisure. Eldritch Blast a beam of foreboding and unknowable energy that hits like a bullet range about fifteen yards. Produce Flame, allows the conjuraration of a flame that can be thrown about five yards, for all the effort to try and improve this cats aren't exactly known for throwing. Ho we ever the flame doesn't burn the conjurer and Noir has learned do to size he can more or less cast it on himself entirely. Allowing him to attack as a cat om fire.

1st Level allowed to cast five a day, meaning has four available spell slots you'll learn why soon. Speak with animals when cast allows for one to for the next day speak to animals, the issue is Noir has to cast this to even speak to humans. The wires are kind of crossed, until the spell is cast he really can't understand animals or people. Searing Smite allows to upon attack shroud the opponent in fire. To keep the flames alive Noir does need to maintain concentration. Feather Fall, slows ones fall simple enough really a cat can land from plenty of heights this helps land from even more.

2nd Level allowed to cast three a day. Knows Enlarge/Reduce a spell that can make him the size of a mouse or the size of a panther for a few minutes so long as maintains concentration. This can help claw and bite more like a large predator instead of well a house cat, or to sneak into places. The other spell known is Vicious Mocckery the spell to turn insults into a weapon of psychic damage.

3rd Level Allowed twice a day. The two spells Noir has to choose from are flight and fireball. Flight requires concentration so long as Noir holds concentration on this spell though he can manifest wings at his leisure allowing him to fly. The other spell known is a well known trick. From pointed claw on paw to somewhere up to hundred fifty feet a way is spawned a sudden up to twenty foot wide ball of flames. An explosion meant to incinerate foes.

Spell Limitations: With the speak to a animals exception Noir so far has found he can't maintain the knowledge of spells of more than two per "level". It's a limit brought on by a human mind reduced to the scale of a cat. His abuser didn't want him to grow into a wizard just wanted a play thing.

Abilities: Can see at night perfectly. Smell is incredibly sharper, it would likely help identify poisons even or track someone down if he wanted. Taste is weaker though, Noir finds he can eat anything do to his dual nature but he finds even best cat or people food just tastes okay. Without giving a deep dive of cat hearing and touch those to are elevated for Noir. These can be incredibly helpful I'm say detecting changes in suroundings. It also though means loud noises hurt more. Noir has found often sounds louder then a gunshot will completely ruin his concentration, a pivotal factor for a wizard.


"'I was once Nick Nobode I met a woman in a library who was everything I could dream of. The goth book worm so many of us were drawn to in our teen years. And for some reason she seemed into me to. It was a fall that was fast and overwhelming. It was like I couldn't think, I'd have done anything for her. This was all a ruse though a manipulation. The nights were nice and I thought it serious. Things went from seeing eachother every weekend to every day to her basically owning everything I had. And all I wanted was to give her a ring, let her own me. She agreed so long as I try one thing...

I was nervous thought it might be some dom thing that might push my boundaries. Maybe try meeting her parents who she had so many horror stories of. Instead though it was letting her try an ability she had. She showed me over the night how she could transmute things. She was a meta who could turn water into wine and the like. She wanted to test this on a person, everything in me screamed don't. Then I remember that hesitancy entirely gone. I agreed and then I was this...

TTurns out she was a psychic to. Those abilities could only push a thought not force it. So she made a habit of playing exactly what someone wanted to then manipulate them. Everything I was had become hers and now I was nothing more than a pet. It was a terrible first week. Senses were scrambled every which way. Upon realizing both her talking and birds chirping for me was just cacophonous noise she went and found some magic books to try and help me. Some part of her I guess cared, but my care was gone.

I learned a few things but pushed for one thing. To learn how to cast Fireball. So I could watch my world burn. My things, my home, who I wanted to be my wife it all turned to ash. The revenge felt hollow. There's no getting things back, just preventing it from happening to others. Metahumans I say we burn them. Damn every one of them."

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